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Whether you're a regular cyclist or a cyclist, the right gadgets can make cycling much easier and more enjoyable than it already was.

Looking for this year's best bike and cycling gadgets? If so, you've come to the right place.

I've listed the 15 coolest cycling and cycling gadgets for you. Whether you're looking for high-tech goggles or an original bike bell. These bike gadgets are fun to give as gifts and for your own use.

1. Presso X Portable coffee machine

You've had a long yet short break, you long for a nice hot cup of coffee, but there's no coffee machine anywhere. Your only option was to bring coffee in a thermos that eventually gets cold and dirty again.

This portable coffee maker is the perfect solution. With this device you can easily make a hot cup of coffee for you and your friends. Whether you're in the middle of a forest or on the coast of the Netherlands, with this device you can drink coffee at any location.

The product runs on a rechargeable battery and easily handles 4 to 5 cups.

Also the operation of this device is quite simple and will ensure that you make a hot cup of coffee in no time. The Presso X comes with an interchangeable adapter, so you can use both ground coffee and Nespresso capsules (and b brands).

The Presso X is both compact and light, and fits easily into a cup holder. The device weighs 780 grams, so it's not too heavy to carry. This device costs € 99 and is available on our website!

2. WAHOO BLUE SC Speed and Cadence sensor

The Wahoo Blue SC speed and cadence sensor transforms your phone into a smart bike computer. It uses Bluetooth and ANT+ technology. It measures speed, cadence and distance. This device is easy to pair with your favorite bike app or your ANT+ bike computer.

The sensor weighs only 36 grams, is waterproof, and is easy to mount to the frame of your bike by means of rubber straps or zip ties.

3. Omata One Analog GPS bike speedometer

Would you like to know how fast you ride while your bike maintains that antique look? Then this might be something for you.

The Omata One is a state-of-the-art odometer with a nice old-fashioned look. This analogue odometer not only measures your speed, but also the altitude and the time you've cycled. While at the same time your route is stored on a chip. The battery of this speedometer has an active battery life of 17+ hours.

This device has everything you need, and that with a nice old-fashioned look.

However, this style does not come cheap, you will quickly lose € 499 for the Omata One.

4. CYCL Wing lights Direction indicators

We've all been through it. Someone wants to overtake you when you just want to turn away. These overtaking manoeuvres can lead to serious accidents, and nobody wants that. The Wing lights 360 are the perfect solution.

These indicators have extra functions besides the blinker. There are white lights at the front of the Wing lights and red lights at the back of the Wing lights. This allows a driver from behind or in front to immediately see how much space you take up as a cyclist. Extra safe!

These indicators are rechargeable with a USB cable.

The indicators have a nice extra, they are magnetic and therefore easy to disconnect. Then you can, for example, click them to your bag with the click hook for extra safety.

The Wing lights 360 are available for a price of € 69.95.

5. Everysight Raptor Smart AR goggles

The Everysight Raptor goggles are the future of cyclists and cyclists. Hold on to them because you don't see them very often. 
These goggles give you all the information you will need in your field of vision. On these goggles you can easily read your speed, distance, pedaling frequency and other data of your choice.

The advantage of the Everysight Raptor is that you don't have to look at your GPS or other cycling computer anymore, because you can see it all in front of you. So your eyes always stay focused on the road!

These smart glasses have a GPS, HUD (Heads Up Display), photo / video camera, microphone, music box, 16 GB memory and voice control.

Then I hear your questions, how do you control these glasses? It is easy via a pair of glasses. You can swipe and tap with your fingers to perform different actions. If you don't need all that information in your sight then you call 'Go Everysight' to turn on the voice control, and then you call 'Screen off' to see everything clearly.

Let's continue on the music box and photo/video camera. You read it well, you can play music with these glasses if you like. And not only that, but it is also possible to make videos during your trip, you can easily watch them later via the app of the Raptor Everysight.

These glasses have a battery with a battery life of 8 hours, which should be enough for every cyclist. Afterwards, you can easily recharge it with a USB cable.

The glasses weigh 98 grams and is up to 3 times heavier than average glasses, which usually weigh between 20-35 grams.

This technology has a price tag of € 729.

6. Revo lights

Normal bike lights focus on the lighting of the front and back of your bike. However, the Revo Lights ensure that you are also visible on the side of your bike. And that's not all, because they also look really cool.

The Revo Lights also have a brake light function. The sensors of these lights can detect a decrease in speed, which activates the brake light automatically. The app of Revo Lights also gives you the possibility to set the lights as direction indicators.

The Revo Lights also have light and motion sensors. This makes the lights turn on automatically when you start a trip or when it gets dark.

Revo Lights work on USB rechargeable batteries, these last 4 hours.
The Revolights app offers a number of extras when using the Revo Lights. You can use the app to read different data such as speed, distance and other performance.

You can also use the app to read the battery status. There will be a message on your phone when the lights are almost empty.

The Revolights have stopped producing at the moment and may pick this up again in the future.

7. Noke Bluetooth Bike Lock

The Noke bicycle lock is one of the high-tech bicycle locks that strive for the best security and user-friendliness. You can open this lock without the need for a key or any effort.

This lock can be connected to your phone via bluetooth. When you get close to your bike with your mobile in your pocket, the lock will open.
And then I hear you wondering, what if my mobile is empty? In that case there is a standard code lock that can be opened.

If you do not completely trust this bluetooth security then there is the possibility to set two-factor security. You first need to press the lock and then use the Noke App to give permission to unlock it.

If you want to give your friends or family permission to open the lock, you can. They first need to download the Noke App, then you can add their email addresses for shared use.

This bike lock comes with extra security. When a thief makes suspicious movements with the lock, or if the code is guessed wrong several times, a loud alarm will sound. And believe me, the alarm is so loud that the thief is so gone.

The lock uses a battery that will last a year, after that it will have to be replaced.

This lock is available for € 113,89.

8. Monkey lights M204 - Bicycle lighting

If you like to stand out with your bike, the Monkey lights might be something for you. Not only are the lights that you can mount on your spokes very cool, they also contribute to your safety. 

Monkey lights are 32 sheets of LEDs that can change color. The faster your bike, the more beautiful the effect of the Monkey lights.

The Monkey lights are easy to mount on the spokes of your bike.
There are 3 AA batteries that need to be replaced 4-7 times a year, depending on how often you cycle.

Monkey lights are available for € 34,95. However, if you want to have both wheels decorated, you will have to order 2 of them.

9. Bookman cup holder

If you like to have a cup of coffee while cycling, this cup holder is indispensable. Because of the Bookman cup holder it is no longer necessary to quickly take a cup of coffee back before cycling. From now on you can enjoy your coffee as it should be.

Due to a clever click technique, no screws are needed to mount this cup holder. And you can easily loosen it when it's not needed and when it's in the way. 

Can you still remember the aforementioned portable coffee machine? This cup holder goes perfectly with it. A nice combo! 

The Bookman cupholder is available for € 27,95.

10. FEND collapsible helmet

The FEND is a sturdy collapsible bicycle helmet that can reduce up to half the width by folding it. This bike helmet has a nice design and is especially useful for commuters.

Much thought has been given to the design of this helmet. For example, this helmet is designed for comfort. On top of the helmet are reflective strips that can come in handy at night.

This helmet is available for € 98.

11. ANGi Crash Sensors

This sensor protects you before, during and after a crash. This is done via the ANGi App. When you get into a crash, a counter will go off. If you do not indicate that you are OK within this given time, a message and the last GPS location measured will be sent to all selected contacts.

Of course it is possible that your mobile range is lost, or that your mobile becomes empty.
In that case you can enter an estimated driving time. And if you have not arrived within this time, the ANGi will send the last GPS location measured to your selected contacts.

You can easily mount the ANGi crash sensor to your helmet. And when you crash, the force of the impact on the helmet will be measured.

This sensor also allows your family and friends to follow you in real time.

The ANGi sensor is available for € 49,90.

12. Zackees Smart Gloves

These gloves are just as comfortable as normal gloves, only these gloves have some extras. Cycling on the road can be dangerous, but it's the overtaking manoeuvres in the dark that cause a lot of accidents. With the Zackees gloves you can easily let drivers know from behind whether you are turning left or right.

The Zackees gloves have turn signals that are indicated with velle lights, which can still be seen clearly even in daylight.

You activate the indicators by pressing 2 metal buttons against each other between your thumb and forefinger. 

Furthermore, the gloves are made of leather and breathable material. The gloves are completely waterproof and can be washed in the washing machine, which can come in handy!

With daily use, the battery of the gloves will last 3 to 6 months.

The Zackees gloves are available for € 61,99.

13. Hövding, Airbag Helmet

Okay this one may sound strange, but don't skip this gadget, this helmet has saved thousands of lives.
 is an invisible helmet that inflates an airbag when an accident occurs. 

Hövding itself claims that the airbag offers up to 8 times more protection than the usual helmet. They also claim that the helmet measures your movements 200 times per second, so that the airbag can blow itself up within 0.1 second.

This helmet is designed for those who prefer not to wear a helmet, and are looking for an alternative that is less visible.
The Hövding airbag sits in a ring that you put around your neck. There isn't much of this to see, and it won't get in the way.

The question is whether the Höving is better than a standard bike helmet. The airbag protects a larger part around your head than a normal bike helmet. 
However, it is the technique you have to rely on.

The Hövding is available for € 299.
When the airbag is inflated, it cannot be used again and you will have to order a new one and throw away the old one.

14. Nello Magnetic Bicycle Bell 

If you're looking for a futuristic bell that not only looks great but also works well, then the Nello bell is for you.

The Nello Bell is a magnetic ball that responds when you touch the top. Because it is magnetic, you can easily carry it in your pocket when you leave your bike.

People will definitely step aside when they hear the 90 Decibel bell from behind. The Nello bell is water resistant and is powered by 2 button cell batteries.

The bell has 3 different sounds. These change every time you attach the bell to the magnetic support.

The Nello bell is available for € 23.

15. Cycle2Charge Dynamo USB Charger

Nowadays everyone has electrical appliances with them, even on a bike.
With the Cycle2Charge Dynamo USB charger you can easily charge your electrical devices with the energy you generate yourself.

This USB charger mounts on top of your handlebar, so you can charge your GoPro, bike light, GPS and phone for example.

You'll need to cycle about 11-12 km per hour for the device to work. In order to charge devices such as your phone, you would need to cycle consistently above a speed of 12 km per hour.

This USB charger provides power from the hub dynamo.

The Cycle2Charge Dynamo USB is available from £99.95.

What do you think?

Which bike gadgets do you like best? Or are you already thinking about ordering one?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment.

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