8 Ingredients to make a fancy coffee at home

In this world of chaos, a sizzling cup of coffee can fix the negative vibes. The tastiest coffee gives us a sense of outflanking, especially when we feel stressed out and find ourselves in a hustle. But how do you make the tastiest coffee? I've got my own way and will unfold my secrets in a while.

Additionally, in the dull and tensed morning, the coffee is the means of calmness. The most superior coffee isn't just our morning spouse, but it's also our lonely companion. When we need some quality time with ourselves, the coffee becomes our friend, too.

Hang on, did you ever crave for coffee but not to get it because the stuff to make a coffee wasn't available? It happened with me a few months ago, when I needed my caffeine fix early in the morning but didn't get it. The reason? As always, I ran out of the stuff to brew a coffee and had to wait for a few hours to go to the mall and buy the stuff. Since then, I've made a list of things that I always purchase each month to keep my coffee material in check and available. Today, I'm sharing that specific list so that you don't have to compromise over the coffee ever. Here's a listing of things.

1.   Types of coffeeCoffee ingredients

Cappuccino, Double Espresso, Americano, Macchiato – there are various types of coffee. A few of us might like Mocha, others prefer Iced Coffee, and some even like two or more types of coffee. The first thing is to figure out how many types would you require for the whole month? And also, determine the quantity of each type. If you drink three cups a day, you'll buy the material for ninety cups to meet the monthly caffeine demand. Right from there, the next step is to get a value-added product to make the tastiest coffee.

2.   Coffee with the cream: A good idea for a few ones out there

Coffee ingredients

While coffee purists out, there will probably faint at the notion of adding anything to this perfectly roasted and brewed black cup of coffee. On the other hand, there are many people out there who just need a little something added to their cup to genuinely make it a pleasurable and fancy coffee experience. You can always try adding cream to your own mug for a vibrant and thick taste and feel, along with sweeteners. There's a seemingly endless supply of milk and non-dairy based coffee creamer choices that could really enhance any coffee cup flavor.

Adding cream to the coffee is enjoyable. With the addition of cream, we make it look delicious and yummy. In-store, they are also offering us different kinds of coffee cream to match our unique taste. A few options are half & half cream, light cream, light whipping cream, whipping cream, and heavy cream. According to your choice, you can include a specific type of coffee cream in the shopping list. Note: including any type of cream in your coffee will hugely increase your calorie intake. Be mindful of that as well.

3.   Condensed milk: To take the sweetness to the next level

Coffee ingredients

All you need is condensed milk and regular milk--vanilla, soy, whole, any of it will do and prepare the fancy coffee at home. If you enjoy a little cream in your coffee, it is simple enough to create your own. Skip the store-bought stuff and make this instead. If you have ever had Vietnamese iced coffee, you might already know how yummy this is since it is often brewed with condensed milk. Put condensed milk in your coffee shopping list to take a peak of coffee deliciousness.

4.   Why you should include Cinnamon in your coffee: here's why

Coffee ingredients

Creamer, milk (whole or skim) sugar, or perhaps butter--you have probably added one of them to your own coffee to increase its flavor. However, if you're searching for something different, try out a fresh twist with a dash of Cinnamon. This candy, sharp spice may do much more than enhance coffee's flavor.

Yes, adding Cinnamon to our coffee will help us promote our immune system. People with high blood sugar levels can also use Cinnamon in their coffee to lower blood sugar levels. Not only it has health benefits, but it also doubles the cheer of your coffee. It'll increase Antioxidants, energize the brain, protects against high blood sugar level, improve the heart's health, and balance vitamins & nutrients in the body. These are enough reasons to have it on your coffee shopping list!

5.   Vanilla extract in the coffee: A lot more than the taste

Coffee ingredients

Should you want to sweeten your coffee? Then you do not have to rely only on processed and sugar creamers. Try out a few drops of pure vanilla extract instead. It is categorized as a mind superfood because of its ability to improve mental performance, mood, and overall brain health. Vanilla has also been demonstrated to ease stomach aches and digestive problems, reduce joint pain, and alleviate anxiety.

Many of us love the vanilla taste. This leads us to have vanilla flavor almost in everything like cakes and ice-creams. Then why not in our coffee. Yup, we can have it by adding vanilla extract to our coffee. This will give our coffee a taste, just like vanilla cake! Don't forget to include vanilla extract in your coffee bucket.

6.   Chocolate in coffee: A perfect comboCoffee ingredients

There's absolutely no doubt that chocolate has been consumed and loved nearly by everyone. At any time, we need that the whole stuff ought to be made from chocolate. In our regular coffee cup, we can add a slice of chocolate and make it mochas. The component of chocolate melts gradually, providing its all tastes with the combination of coffee's taste itself. For chocolate and coffee lovers, this would be a treat every time! So, include the chocolate in the shopping list as well.

Cocoa powder: Replacement of chocolate in coffee

Some of us would like coffee to taste like chocolate without even adding it. They don't enjoy the syrup of chocolate, though, I prefer chocolate. As a replacement, cocoa powder can be included in the coffee to enjoy the chocolate taste without putting chocolate inside the coffee. The benefit of adding cocoa powder is that it gives a chocolate taste without having that heavy feel of chocolate syrup. This may allow us to have our chocolate craving to complete using a caffeine fix. Include the Cocoa powder in your shopping list.

7.   Cayenne Pepper: Unexpected but totally worth it

Coffee ingredients

If you genuinely need to spice up daily ingestion regularly, add a dash of Cayenne in your morning brew. This will not only wake up your taste buds but additionally, it will supply you with a nutrient increase regularly.

Cayenne has been used to control stomach issues, lack of hunger, and circulatory problems for centuries in Native American medicine. A recent study proves that it might relieve pain from migraines, help digestion, and also prevent cardiovascular disease. It is pretty much a coffee-obsessed, spicy-food enthusiast's fantasy. Put Cayenne in your shopping list as well.

8.   Portable coffee maker: It's essentialCaffe2go

So now we have bought everything that makes our coffee taste to the next level. Now, what about its brewing facility. Did you think about that? No, then why? This is the last and most important thing. Buying a portable coffee maker gives you plenty of uses and benefits. That includes its portability, brewing time, alertness, power, ease of cleaning, and durability. You can brew your coffee under you with semi-automation. Its excellent function enables you to brew coffee in many ways and types. Its comfortability helps to carry it anywhere. 

Check out my pick, the Presso X.

That's it, that's how you make the fancy and tastiest coffee at home by putting ingredients as mentioned above in your coffee!  

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