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You've probably heard of it, a percolator. It's a mini coffee maker that used to be unthinkable. Because of the percolator it has never been easier to make coffee manually. The percolator is also known for the fact that you can easily make coffee without electricity. This can be useful when you go camping for example.

The percolator is still widely used today, but what has changed? How to make the best cup of percolator coffee? What do you need for this? And most importantly, does it taste as good as a cup of coffee from a normal coffee maker? These are all questions we will answer for you in this article!

What is the best percolator?

There are many types and sizes of percolators. Nowadays there is also an induction percolator, for those who only have an induction plate. You can make this mini coffee maker as expensive as you want it to be. For example, you can choose a percolator with stainless steel, so it will last extra long. Perhaps you have a large family that likes to drink coffee, then a larger percolator is also useful.

For this test we use a large induction percolator with stainless steel, which costs € 100.




We also used a mini percolator, which has all the basic needs of a percolator, this one costs € 7,50. Both devices are easy to order online.

What is the best coffee for the percolator?

The percolator uses ground coffee. Which flavor and brand is completely up to your preference. For this test we use deliciously ground White coffee, which in addition to its taste also provides an irresistible smell!

Please be aware that the percolator is not designed to make an espresso.

How do I make percolator coffee?

It may look a bit exciting, but it's easier than you think!

However, there are a few things to watch out for. However, if you follow this step by step explanation it will be all right.

To make percolator coffee you don't need anything more than the percolator itself and ground coffee.

Step 1.

Fill the percolator with water.

The proportions when making coffee with a percolator are up to you.

A handy tip is to first fill your cup with water, and then pour it into the percolator. This will give you just enough coffee for what fits in your cup or mugs.




The percolator consists of several parts. In the picture below you can see that the percolator consists of the lower water reservoir, the filter in the middle for ground coffee and the upper cabin which is meant for the final coffee.

Pour the water into the water reservoir that is located at the bottom of the percolator. This is done by first disassembling the percolator and then removing the filter for ground coffee.




Step 2.

Put the ground coffee filter back on the lower water tank. And then put ground coffee in it, with the taste of your preference. In some cases an extra metal filter plate will come with it. You have to place this on the ground coffee. If that's not the case with you, you don't have to worry about it.




Step 3.

Tighten the upper half of the percolator firmly with the rest. Then you can place your percolator above a heat source. Pay close attention to whether or not you have induction percolator. If this is not the case, do not heat it on an induction plate!




Step 4.

In this step you have to pay extra attention. There are 2 important things that can go wrong if you don't pay attention. When you want to heat the water in the percolator, make sure you do this on a medium to low heat. If you don't do this, a lot of bitter ground coffee will end up in your coffee.

Secondly, it is important that you stay close to your percolator when it warms up. When you heat up the percolator you will hear the water bubbling, because it will boil.

When you no longer hear the water bubbling, remove your percolator from the heat source. If you don't do this, your percolator can break down quickly, and of course we don't want that.

If you have done this it is best to wait until the percolator has cooled down, or grab the percolator with a cloth and pour the coffee into your cup. From that moment on you can enjoy a delicious homemade cup of coffee!




How does a percolator work?

The operation of a percolator is simple but also interesting.
It goes as follows.
When the water in the water reservoir is heated by the heat source, the water starts to boil slowly but surely, this causes it to rise. This water rises through the tube at the bottom of the filter.
Because of the pressure, the water goes along the ground coffee straight to the upper cabin. Through this process, the water takes all the aromas with it, for a delicious cup of coffee full of flavor.

How does the coffee taste from a percolator?

Of course with this question it is important that you have mastered the right water/coffee ratio, and that there are no bitter particles in your coffee. This is a matter of practice and trying. Once you have mastered this technique, you can make coffee that may be even tastier than any other coffee maker.




A cup of coffee full of delicious aromas like you've never tasted before. In case you're wondering, the coffee tasted the same from both percolators we tested. So the difference in price is in the shelf life and dexterity of the percolator.

Disadvantage of the percolator

Making coffee with this percolator is a technique you'll have to master, and more importantly, what you'll have to get a feel for. You'll have to try different speeds and proportions to find out what you like best. Unlike a coffee maker that does all this for you.

3 handy tips for the best result

1. Make sure you keep a water/coffee ratio of 70 grams of coffee to 1 liter of water.

2. Use ground coffee with a medium grind. This will be best absorbed by the water and will ensure the best result.

3. First fill your mug with water and then put it in the water tank, this way you have just enough coffee for your mug!

Looking for a great alternative? Then take a look at our travel espresso maker called the Presso X!

3. Vul eerst je beker met water en doe dit vervolgens in het waterreservoir, hierdoor heb je precies genoeg koffie voor in je beker!

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