Introducing The Presso X "Portable Espresso Machine"

portable espresso machine

We are proud to introduce the Presso X. A portable espresso maker that heats water, without the need for any external heat source.

The Presso X is different from the other portable espresso machines that are on the market. Let me tell you why this is the best portable coffee maker on the market right now.

portable espresso machine

There are lovers of ground coffee, but there are also plenty of lovers of coffee cups. Can't we just have both in one portable espresso machine? Of course we can! The Presso X comes with interchangeable adapters so you can make a cup of coffee with any type of coffee.

portable espresso machine
As I said before, the Presso X is a portable coffee maker that heats water. It is able to brew 4-5 hot cups of coffee with a full battery. If you already have hot water available it will be around 100 cups on a full battery. As us travellers don't have a lot of space in our bags, we can't afford to bring an external heat source with us. With the Presso X, we save that space, so we are able to bring other useful tools on our adventures.

A mobile coffee maker that you can really take with you to any location. Whether you're camping on the highest mountain or simply taking a road trip, no location is crazy enough for the Presso X.

portable espresso machine

Speaking of road-trips, it is also possible to make a cup of coffee in the car with the Presso X. I hear you thinking, "what if I spill some coffee on my upholstery". And we all know, nothing is worse than dirty stains on your car upholstery!
With the Presso X, this won't be a problem. The coffee cups and the machine are connected to each other, this way while brewing coffee, it will be much more unlikely to spill the coffee.

If you don't trust this there is another possible way to brew coffee while making a road trip.
Because you are not connected to a cable with the Presso X, it is easy to make a cup of coffee next to the car.

The Specifications

The Presso X weighs 780 grams, making it extremely light for a coffee machine. With the Presso X, you can make up to 4-5 cups of coffee on a full battery (depending on the age of the machine, and the temperature of the water).

Charging is done via a USB cable, so it's easy to charge anywhere in the world. This battery powered coffee maker is 23 cm long and has a diameter of 6 cm, so it fits easily in any backpack.

The warm-up time is about 4 minutes, and to make this as short as possible I have a tip. If you turn on the Presso X about 3 minutes before you actually start drinking coffee, it will heat up, and voilà, a cup of coffee without having to wait long!

With all of this, you get a warranty of 2 years.

Not convinced that this is the best travel coffee maker? Then take a look at this video!


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