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You are away from home, and you long for a cup of coffee but there is no coffee machine nearby. Luckily for you, several travel espresso machines on the market can  help you with this. All these options are both compact and light and you won't even notice them when carrying your travel bags.

Presso X

A travel espresso machine should be both compact and easy to use.
The Presso X saves you the heavy work that many of the other travel coffee machines do require. The product runs on a rechargeable battery. A big difference with the other coffeemakers on this list is that this device can heat the water itself without the need for a connection.

travel espresso machine

Also, the operation of this device is quite simple and will make sure that on every trip, coffee is prepared within seconds. The Presso X comes with an interchangeable adapter, so you can use both ground coffee and Nespresso capsules (and B-brands thereof).
The Presso X is both compact and light, so you don't have to worry if it will fit with the packing. With this battery operated coffee maker, you can drink hot coffee whenever and wherever you want. Without having to connect the Presso X to a power supply, or having to bring an external heat source with you.


The AeroPress is a travel espresso machine invented by Alan Adler in 2005. The machine has been used for years to make coffee when you are away from home.
This device consists of 3 parts. It is a plastic cylinder with on one side a filter carrier and on the other side a hole for the piston. Using the piston you finally press your coffee.

The technique for this travel coffee machine uses is relatively simple, you should have mastered it after 3 attempts and a good explanation.

travel espresso machine

The device weighs 350 grams and is easy to take with you. Although the device is not made of strong material, it does not break down easily. An ideal travel espresso machine for the real barista!

Unfortunately, you can't brew a strong Espresso with the Aeropress, and you'll sometimes find some bitter particles in the coffee during the first attempts. However, this is less common once you get a feeling for it.

You will have to experiment a bit with the Aeropress for your perfect coffee. You can determine certain factors for a delicious cup of coffee with the Aeropress yourself, by which we mean lead times, water temperature and different grindings.

Making a cup of coffee with this machine does not take long, to start with the water must come into contact with the coffee. This process takes about a minute and a half. After this, the coffee has to pass through the filter. This will take about 25 seconds, by adjusting this time you can change the taste of the coffee.

The AeroPress doesn't heat the water itself, this can be difficult when you're travelling. You will have to bring an external heat source with you, which can take up a lot of space.


The Handpresso pump is a travel espresso machine with a special shape. However, don't let the appearance of a bicycle pump fool you.
You can still make delicious espresso with it. Because the pump of the Handpresso has to be pumped with your own hands, you can produce a pump pressure of up to 16 bar!

travel espresso machine

The Handpresso is pricey for a travel espresso machine that does not heat the water itself. In contrast to the AeroPress, you can only make one cup of coffee at a time.
This compact device weighs about 500 grams and is not a heavy burden to take with you on a trip.
The espresso pump uses ground coffee and E.S.E pads. Especially the E.S.E pads are easy to take with you when you travel.

The Handpresso, like most of the travel coffee machines on this list, is easy to use and you should master the technique after 2 or 3 attempts.

Foldable coffee filter

A foldable coffee filter is compact and does not cost much.
The use of a foldable coffee filter is quite simple. You put this product in a cup or mug, then pour ground coffee into it and finally pour hot water.
You don't have to look for suitable filter paper for this product, every size of filter paper fits.

travel espresso machine

Unfortunately, nothing can come without disadvantages.
We have noticed during use that only a coffee filter does not filter everything properly. This causes sometimes bitter particles to end up in the coffee. There is also no pressure behind the filter.
A foldable coffee filter fits perfectly with a simple coffee lover who is satisfied with all types of coffee.


Wacaco's NanoPresso is similar to the aforementioned pump from Handpresso. This is a travel espresso machine that is very easy to use but with some disadvantages. The device weighs 336 grams, making it one of the lighter devices on this list. The NanoPresso has a length of 15.6 cm and is without any doubt a small and compact travel espresso machine.

travel espresso machine

Not surprising, but unfortunately, just like the Handpresso pump, you can't make hot coffee with it unless you have hot water at hand, which is often not the case. So you'd have to bring an extra kettle for this, so this compact device for making coffee suddenly takes up some space.

Making coffee with the NanoPresso requires power, just like the Handpresso. You have to generate the pump pressure yourself to make your cup of coffee. It might be difficult to keep the pump pressure at a consistent level during brewing. But once you have mastered this, you can manually generate a pump pressure of up to 18 bar.

Just like the Presso X, the NanoPresso has a capacity of 80 ml, which is especially good for small to medium-sized coffee drinks.

The choice for a travel espresso machine like the NanoPresso therefore depends on your situation. If you have hot water available, this may be an option.

Which travel espresso machine should I choose?

That depends on your coffee requirements. If you are satisfied with simply an espresso and like good deals, then a foldable filter is a good option. If you like espresso or other strong drinks, then both the NanoPresso and the AeroPress could be a good option.

Maybe you are already interested in the Handpresso and AeroPresso, but don't want to take an extra kettle with you on your adventures. Then the Presso X is also a good option.

Which travel espresso machine would you like to use on all your adventures?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

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