Presso X vs PortoPresso: What is The Best Travel Espresso Maker?

You're looking for a coffee maker for travel, but don't know which one suits your needs and which one gives you the most value for money. That's why we put our 2 travel coffeemakers to the test against each other.

We will go through the following topics:

  • Improvements
  • Coffee quality
  • Price quality ratio
  • What's in the boxes?
  • Specifications


The Presso X is the successor to the PortoPresso and therefore brings a number of improvements. Let's start with the main difference and the reason why the Presso X was designed.

The PortoPresso is easy to carry around often. By using a 12 volt cable you can easily take it with you on the boat or in the car, but an extension is also included so you can easily use it in an electrical outlet. Only what if there is no power outlet nearby? Then it is difficult to make a cup of coffee with the PortoPresso. The Presso X is suitable for these cases.

Travel espresso maker


The Presso X is a battery-powered coffee maker, and is therefore also rechargeable. Once charged, you can literally make coffee whenever and wherever you want. Whether you go hiking, hiking or on a road-trip, the Presso X will always make a delicious cup of coffee. In short, the Presso X is more flexible than the PortoPresso, but you'll need to charge it well in advance.

However, this is not the only improvement of the Presso X. Both devices are coffee makers for travelling, and they use capsules (Nespresso capsules and B-brands of these. This is logical since these capsules are also very easy to take with you. Only what if you're a real lover of fresh ground coffee?

Then the Presso X has the perfect solution!

Contrary to the Portopresso it comes with 2 interchangeable adapters, one for capsules and one for ground coffee.

The Presso X also has a handy extra. There is a ruler on the side of the device so you can measure exactly how much water goes into the device, this was a wild guess with the PortoPresso!

Coffee quality

An important question is, of course, which machine makes the most delicious coffee? The process of making coffee is the same for both machines. Both devices use capsules, among other things, and there is no difference there either. What is remarkable, however, is that the Presso X uses 18 bar as opposed to the Portopresso which uses 15 bar pump pressure. The optimal pump pressure for a cup of espresso is 9bar, so the PortoPresso is closer to the optimal pump pressure. Furthermore, there is little difference in taste between the two devices.

Price quality ratio

An important factor in choosing your travel coffeemaker is the price/quality ratio. Which machine is worth the most and what do you get for it. The prices of both travel coffeemakers are close to each other. The Presso X currently costs €99.50 and the PortoPresso €89.50, so the PortoPresso is €10 cheaper. For this extra €10, the Presso X offers the possibility to drink coffee literally anywhere, even if there is no electrical outlet nearby, and the possibility to make coffee with both capsules and ground coffee. For coffee lovers, this is quite an addition for only €10. That said, we certainly give the Presso X a profit in this area.


For the enthusiasts, we have also listed the specifications of both devices.

Remarkably, the warranty on the Presso X is twice as long. This is due to such an improvement in the quality of the product and the new life expectancy of the product.

What's in the boxes?

The PortoPresso comes with the following:

  • PortoPresso
  • Cable extension (for socket)
  • Travel bag (here fits both the cable extension and the PortoPresso)
Travel espresso maker


The Presso X comes with:

  • Presso X
  • Ground coffee adapter
  • Coffee capsule adapter
  • USB cable
  • USB adapter
  • Ground coffee spoon


And the winner is...

They are both good travel coffeemakers, each with its own plus and minus points.
However, we designed the Presso X to outperform the PortoPresso by making it more flexible.
As a result, we give the Presso X a profit mainly through flexibility and what you get for a higher price.

If you are interested in the Presso X or the PortoPresso, you can easily find them on this website, or you can find them by clicking on one of the links.

If you have any questions on or remarks for one of these devices, please let us know by leaving a comment!

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