10 Unique Coffee Presents For a Coffee Lover

It's not hard to find a coffee lover in your group and family. You must have heard someone in your group say, "My head is exploding because I haven't had a cup of espresso."
Or that person in your group who immediately craves a cup of coffee on a visit.

Don't forget that friend, either, who always admires the coffee when they drink it, no matter how awful the coffee may be.

If you are wondering what is an unique coffee presents for a coffee lover, both for a he or a she? Then don't be. I've listed the top 10 most unique coffee presents for you.

1. Portable coffee maker - Presso X

Original coffee gift

I can already hear you saying "a coffee maker is too expensive" or "everyone already has a coffee maker" You may be right, but does he/she already have a portable coffee maker? Probably the answer is "no", and in that case this is one of the fun and original coffee presents to give.

This is a coffee maker with a rechargeable battery, so you can drink coffee, wherever you want, whenever you want.

This coffee maker has interchangeable adapters so you can use both ground coffee and Nespresso capsules (and b-brands of them) to make coffee.

I gave a portable coffee maker as a present to my coffee friends. They were very impressed. Reason? Hiking, camping, road trips, and even at the office - they easily take it with them and make a cup of coffee whenever they need it.

Let's get to the second reason. It would be expensive. The device doesn't cost much compared to the features it offers. It is worth considering and gifting to any coffee lover.

2. Books about coffeeOriginal coffee gift

Now, this is beautiful and unique. It is also a relief for you if you are tired of listening to the same information about your friend's coffee. Give a book or magazine about coffee, and listen to new interesting information from your friend related to coffee.

Here are some examples of great books about coffee:
- "The New Rules of Coffee, a modern guide for everyone" by Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen
- "The World Atlas of Coffee" by James Hoffman
- "Craft Coffee. A fun guide to brewing coffee (with different methods), by Jessica Easto

3. Coffee subscription: give the coffee a unique wayOriginal coffee gift

You can buy a 3-month coffee subscription as a present. For example, you can check out the Atlas Coffee Club and purchase the 3-month coffee subscription. Each month, the recipient will receive a bag of coffee from different regions and cultures.

To make it an appropriate coffee package, you can make some adjustments. For example, you can choose dark or light coffee, whole beans or ground, one or two bags of coffee, and the shipping date.

Each shipment contains:
- The best Single Origin coffee in the world
- Roasted and delivered fresh
- Picturesque postcards of each country
- Country maps with brewing tips & flavor notes

4. Coffee Kit

If the favorable one travels often, be sure to give them a homemade coffee kit. It will make life easier for the favorable one, and you will be appreciated every day. The coffee kit for travel that I have put together consists of:
- Freshly roasted coffee beans in a tightly sealed container
- Previously mentioned portable espresso machine with all parts such as adapters and coffee grinder
- Portable kettle (preferably)
- Travel mug
- Compact storage container

You can also include some other things in the coffee kit according to your preference. However, make sure the kit is compact and easy to carry. It should fit comfortably in the backpack.

5. Coffee Mug WarmerOriginal coffee gift

One of the most hated things for the coffee lover is a delicious cup of coffee that gets cold. Because people who are obsessed with coffee are usually occupied with another activity, they often forget to drink the coffee continuously.

Not only is cold coffee undrinkable, but the irritations then mount up. To maintain the coffee temperature, you can warm up a coffee mug.
You can do this by means of a coffee mug warmer.

The high-tech stainless steel coffee mug warmer features touch-tech controls and a water-resistant hot plate.
The controls allow you to set a custom heating level between 40 and 60 degrees.
A fun and original coffee present. Especially for someone who goes crazy with the hot coffee getting cold too fast.

This coffee mug warmer is available for £ 26.99

6. Unique types of coffeeOriginal coffee gift

Giving coffee is not really fun. We all know that. But wait a minute, it can in fact be unique. I have found separate but great coffees to gift someone according to their personality.

- Death Wish Coffee

Don't be afraid of the name. It's actually for those who need to keep their eyes open despite the need to go to sleep. Students, workaholics, drivers - this coffee will keep them attentive and active and get through the need to sleep.

A normal intense cup of black coffee contains 100-200 mg of caffeine, but Death Wish coffee contains 600 mg of caffeine in one cup!

- Black Ivory Coffee

If you are looking for a "wow" coffee present, which can bring shock and amazement, you might think about getting some Black Ivory Coffee. What could it be? Well, another name for this type of coffee is Elephant Poop Coffee.

The coffee beans of Elephant Poop Coffee have gone through the intestinal tract of an elephant to a "pre-brewing" excursion before being lovingly roasted, cleaned and packed into containers.

Fans of these precious, rare beans say it makes a delicious cup of coffee free of bitterness, although the flavors themselves consist of malt, chocolate, cherry, flowers, tobacco, leather, and just a hint of grass.

Boom, suddenly that boring coffee has become interesting to serve to your loved ones after all!

7. BarisieurOriginal coffee gift

For most people, the day begins when the first sip of coffee is taken. With the barisieur, you will enjoy a delicious cup of coffee brewed on your nightstand every morning.

This Barisieur looks like any other standard clock, only this one is finished on top with a beautiful brewing system.

The Barisieur features a storage for ground coffee. In addition, this device also has its own cooling system so that you can store your milk in it.

All these handy features mean that you don't have to get out of bed early in the morning to make a cup of coffee.

To save you waiting time, you can also schedule a brewing time. For example, you can choose to have the brewing process start 5 minutes before your alarm. This way you will not only wake up to your alarm, but also to the delicious smell of coffee.

The beautiful design and useful features do not come cheap, the barisieur is available from £ 388.

8. ChemexOriginal coffee gift

An old-fashioned slow coffee brewing method, but no less fun!
With the Chemex you can make a cup of coffee just as easily as with a regular coffee maker, only with style.

Using the Chemex becomes really fun when you start striving to make the perfect cup of coffee. To do this you will need to look for the perfect ratio, type of coffee and temperature.

In addition, having a Chemex is a nice showpiece and definitely fun to show off to your coffee friends.

The Chemex is available for £ 38.99.

9. Baratza EncoreOriginal coffee gift

A coffee fanatic likes to grind his own coffee beans, then no coffee grinder is crazy enough.

This high-tech coffee grinder has 40 different grinding settings, so you can grind your coffee beans exactly the way you want, fast or slow, fine or coarse. This also allows you to strongly influence the final cup of coffee.

The high-tech motor ensures low noise, low heat and an even grind over all coffee beans.

This coffee grinder fits into a modern interior and the device is easy to clean.

The Baratza Encore coffee grinder is available for £ 146.

10. Bookman cup holderOriginal coffee gift

If the favorable can't get enough of a cup of coffee and cycling, then this cup holder is perfect. The Bookman cup holder eliminates the need to finish a cup of coffee in a hurry before riding your bike.

Because of a smart click technique, no screws are needed to mount this cupholder. And you can easily detach it when it is not needed and rather in the way.

At the beginning of this list I had told you about a portable coffee maker. This device fits right into the cup holder. You could so take this device with you on your bike rides and brew coffee wherever you are. A fun combo!

The Bookman cupholder is available for £ 23.99.

What do you think?

What unique coffee presents from this list would you most like to give to someone?

Or are you already thinking about ordering one?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment.

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