How do you make coffee in the car with the PortoPresso [12 Volt coffee maker]

Here we will explain step by step how you can quickly and easily make a delicious cup of coffee in the car with our 12-volt coffee maker.

To start with, remove the cup from under the PortoPresso.
Then turn the machine upside down and unscrew the capsule cabin.
Here is a holder that fits perfectly a Nespresso coffee capsule (or b-brand thereof).
12 volt koffiezetapparaat

Put a capsule with your favorite flavor in this holder. Then you can close this cabin again.

12 volt koffiezetapparaat

Now turn the PortoPresso clockwise again, and unscrew the top water cabin.

12 volt koffiezetapparaat 

Be careful with this step!
Fill the device with water up to the top silver pin, which can be seen on the inside of the PortoPresso. Try not to get too high above this silver pin.

12 volt koffiezetapparaat

Then close the water cabin again. Now that everything is ready, we can start making a delicious cup of coffee. Start by connecting the device to a cigarette lighter, or wall socket.

12 volt koffiezetapparaat

When you have connected the PortoPresso, we can start heating the water. You do this simply by pressing the on button, which is located on the front of the device.

12 volt koffiezetapparaat

The water will now heat itself up. This takes about 2 minutes. When the water is at the perfect temperature, the appliance will give a clear beep and the coffee light will light up.
Hold the appliance about 5 cm away from the cup and press this coffee button. The PortoPresso will now prepare a delicious cup of coffee for you (this takes about 15 seconds.

(If you don't press this button you will have to let the water heat up again to the perfect temperature. by waiting for the coffee button to start flashing). 

12 volt koffiezetapparaat

Congratulations!You can now even enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in the car!
If you have any questions about the device or its use, please send us an email to

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