Nespresso or Dolce Gusto

In this article we put Dolce Gusto and Nespresso to the test.

So if you're looking for a comparison that goes into detail, you've come to the right place.
We looked at the two coffee brands for:

  • The cups
  • Price per cup
  • Nespresso and Dolce Gusto flavors
  • Coffee makers

Nespresso pods

The two major coffee brands are well known by most.
But which is better? Nespresso or Dulce Gusto?
Let's first look at the differences in the cups.
With a Nespresso cup you generally make simple coffee drinks, but don't let this mislead you. They may look simple, but you'll soon notice that coffee from a Nespresso cup is full of flavor.
Nespresso cup

You will experience buying Nespresso cups as a luxury. Nespresso itself claims that its coffee must meet very strong requirements. The location, climate and soil on which the coffee beans grow has been considered. All this so that you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the early morning, or as a boost while working of course.
When purchasing Nespresso cups you will quickly notice that the capsules are made of aluminum. Aluminum is known for the fact that this material can retain the best aromas.
The material is also extremely environmentally friendly as it can be recycled infinitely.

Dolce Gusto cups

The larger coffee cups from Dolce Gusto are also known as the best alternative to Nespresso cups. Dolce Gusto offers more variations in flavours, the options range from a ristretto to a cup of chocolate milk. A number of Dulce Gusto cups contain milk powder, unlike the Nespresso cups. This ensures that you can also enjoy a cappuccino or latte
Dolce Gusto cups
when there is no carton of milk nearby.

Unfortunately, Dolce Gusto's cups are made of plastic, among other things. This means that they are not recyclable and therefore not good for the environment, contrary to the Nespresso cups.
It is possible to purchase refillable Dolce Gusto capsules. You will have to fill this with ground coffee after each use. It takes a little longer, but it is better for the environment and in the long run much better for your wallet!

Another fun fact!

Dolce Gusto smaken

There are always a number of stripes on top of the Dolce Gusto capsules. Each filled line represents 5 seconds of cooking time!

In terms of environmental friendliness, Nespresso is the winner here, furthermore the other advantages of using aluminum are above the plastic material.

Price per cup

Storing coffee in capsules has many advantages, but also an important disadvantage. It's quite expensive!

We will start with the prices of the Dolce Gusto cups.
The capsules come in boxes of 16 cups. The costs of the boxes vary per taste, the prices are between € 4.50 and € 4.99. In theory you pay about 30 cents per cup. However, you need milk capsules for many types of coffee, so you actually have 8 cups for making a cup of coffee. The prices for coffee with a lot of milk, such as a cappuccino, will be about 60 cents per cup. Quite pricey!

The Dolce Gusto cups are easy to find at a supermarket nearby. Dolce Gusto has many different flavors, so there is a good chance that you will not be able to find all flavors in the supermarket. In that case, you could also order the cups on the Dolce Gusto website.

Nespresso is more exclusive here, these cannot be found in the supermarket. You will have to purchase the Nespresso cups in Nespresso stores or order them on the Nespresso website. The buying experience of the Nespresso cups in the shops is unreal.You will be warmly welcomed by the employees of Nespresso. Then you can try the entire range of Nespresso, in order to make the best choice.
It is possible to find B brands in the supermarket, only they taste less good and are often made of plastic instead of aluminum.

The Nespresso cups prices start from €0.35  and are sold in boxes of 10 pieces.
If you choose one of Dolce Gusto's the milk specialties then Nespresso cups are cheaper. If you opt for a 'normal' drink from Dolce Gusto, you will save yourself a few cents.

Since you will often opt for milk specialties with the Dolce Gusto flavors, the winner here is Nespresso.

Nespresso and Dolce Gusto flavors

Both brands now have an extremely wide range of coffee flavors. Dolce Gusto takes this one step further, however. The Nespresso flavors are only of coffee. For example, you can choose from a lungo or an espresso cup. The Nespresso flavors do not include milk specialties. Nespresso smaken

Dolce Gusto takes the range one step further than Nespresso. For example, you can choose from one of the milk specialties here if you like coffee with a lot of milk. And there are 5 different types of espresso capsules, for example, you have the espresso inteso, which is just a bit stronger than a normal espresso from Dolce Gusto.

When it comes purely to quantity and variation, it is Dolce Gusto the winner.

Coffee Makers

For this test we used the Piccolo from Dolce Gusto and the Magimix from Nespresso. These are both well-known coffee makers and are still widely sold to this day. Both devices cost less than €100, making them a good match.

Making coffee with the Piccolo

klein koffiezetapparaat

Making coffee with a lot of milk is not a difficult task for the bellhop. As you can see in the picture, we have made a latte macchiato. In any case, Dolce Gusto's coffee gets full marks for its appearance! But does it taste as good as it looks?
It depends.

We have noticed that Dolce Gusto coffee is much more popular among the younger age group. And that is most likely due to the sweet taste that Dolce Gusto coffee brings. You also quickly realize that the milk from the capsules is not fresh.

The Piccolo itself is very compact and easy to use. There is a button to heat up the water (this takes about 40 seconds) and a lever to choose between hot or cold water.
For example, if you want to make an iced coffee (especially in these hot summer months) very useful.

Making coffee is very easy. Depending on what kind of drink you want to prepare, you stop a coffee or milk capsule in the Piccolo. Then you press it with the large lever that is located at the top of the device. And as a final step, pull the lever to the warm or cold position. So simple! You will have to pay close attention to how much water or milk you want to add, because the device continues until the water runs out. After 1 or 2 attempts you will understand these preferences for yourself.

The Piccolo is a small coffee machine. The device is 16 cm wide, 29 cm high and 29 cm long.
With these dimensions it will not be difficult to place the Piccolo in the kitchen.
We can say that this device can be used well as a camping coffee maker.

Making coffee with the Magimix


klein koffiezetapparaat
Can't get enough of a delicious strong drink in the morning that wakes you up? Then the Magimix from Nespresso might be something for you. This machine makes an espresso full of flavor in less than a minute. It may look like a small cup of coffee coming out of a small coffee maker, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing better than the strong aroma of a Nespresso in the early morning.
This appliance easily finds a place in the kitchen. The Magimix is ​​12 cm wide, 23 cm high and 32 cm long, so a small coffee maker. To prepare a strong espresso, a high pump pressure is of great importance, which is why the Magimix has a pump pressure of no less than 19 bar!

Brewing such a strong Espresso is no great difficulty with this machine. You pull the large lever at the front, then a compartment opens that exactly fits a Nespresso capsule. When you have put in a Nespresso capsule of your choice, you can pull the lever back and the capsule is in place. The last step is to choose one of the two buttons. One for brewing a small cup of coffee, and one for brewing a somewhat larger cup of coffee. This lamp will then flash for approximately 25 klein koffiezetapparaat seconds, after which the Magimix will reach temperature and prepare a delicious cup of coffee.

Both coffee makers are good for daily use. Although if we had to pick a winner here, it would be Dolce Gusto's Piccolo. This choice is difficult to make because there is little difference in terms of performance. The maintenance of both coffee makers is also minimal. So we looked at the price of both devices. The Dolce Gusto device takes the upper hand here with a € 20 difference.

Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso and the winner is: 

We have been trying both coffee brands for a few weeks now and it is still a difficult choice.
To find out which of the two you prefer to drink, you have to ask yourself a few things. Should there always be milk in the coffee? What are you willing to pay for a cup of coffee?

But perhaps the most important question: Do you prefer sweet coffee? Or from highly concentrated coffee?

If we really have to pick a winner, this is our Nespresso.

We think the Dolce Gusto milk powder is a downside.

Now we are curious. If you had to choose between Dolce Gusto or Nespresso.

Would you rather go for the pure taste of Nespresso?

Or are you more of a lover of the sweet taste of Dolce Gusto?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

If you are looking for a small coffee machine that you can take with you everywhere, take a look at our Presso X This handy device makes a delicious espresso in no time, wherever and whenever you want!

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  • Ik gebruik al 4 jaar de Magimix en ben er heel tevreden mee. Wij drinken beide zwarte koffie en voor de visite kunnen we melk maken met de opschuimer die erbij zit.

    Joke Jacobs

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