Top 15 Best Car Gadgets Of 2021

Are you looking for the best car gadgets of this year?
If so, then you've come to the right place.
I've listed the coolest and coolest car gadgets for you.
These high-tech gadgets have everything, some gadgets lower your risk, others are for dexterity and other gadgets are there so that you can enjoy your road trip just that little bit more.

1) Presso X Car coffee makerauto koffiezetapparaat

We all know it. You are in the car and you long for a cup of coffee. A delicious espresso full of flavour. The only thing standing between you and that delicious cup of coffee is a coffee maker.

Normally you would get a moderate and much too expensive cup of coffee at a gas station.
That is no longer necessary. With this car coffee maker, you'll never run out of coffee again.

This machine works with ground coffee and Nespresso capsules (and B brands thereof). You can make 4 hot cups of coffee on a full battery.

This machine is rechargeable via USB. So you could order a cigarette adapter to also charge it in the car.

And in case you're afraid of dirty upholstery, that's no problem. Because this device does not need to be connected, you can take it outside for a while and then make coffee there.

The maintenance of this device is minimal and will not cause you much mess.
If you have to clean it, you can simply run the supplied adapters under the tap and you are done.

This handy coffee maker for in the car is available for € 99.95.

2) Phone holderauto gadgets

The phone holder for in the car is already known by most, but certainly not indispensable. Suppose you receive a message on your phone, and in that half second that you look at your phone, something happens on the road. We don't even want to think about the consequences.

A phone placed on a phone holder in your field of vision is already a lot safer than down behind the wheel on your mobile to look. Or safer than driving with a phone in your hand while on a call. Not convinced that this product is safe enough? Then read on, because I'll come up with an alternative later in this article.

Even if you use your phone's navigation, it's just much nicer to have the navigation in your field of view. Instead of having to look up and down all the time after every turn.

There are many phone holders, the more expensive ones can be stuck on your front, and the cheaper ones can be attached to your vent. These ventilation phone holders are available for € 4.19.

3) Drop stopauto gadgets

Everyone has experienced it: you are in the car and suddenly your mobile falls between your seat and the center console. Besides the fact that it can be just as annoying, it can also give you a 10-minute quest.

And believe it or not, there is a solution for this. They call it the Drop Stop. A cushion that fits exactly between your seat and the center console.

Ideal for anyone who occasionally leaves their mobile around.
The Drop Stop is available for € 14, 95. For this price you get 2 delivered immediately.

4) Lanmodo Night Vision Cameraauto gadgets

A handy car gadget is the Lanmodo camera. This camera gives you a sharp 1080p image of exactly what's ahead of you on the road. But what makes this camera really special is that you can see with it under all circumstances.

Suppose it rains so hard that you can't see anything with the windshield wipers, then this can be a danger to both yourself and others. With this camera you can always keep a sharp eye in front of you.

In addition, the camera also has night vision, so that you can continue to see everything well even in the dark. Lanmodo also provides a rear view camera for an extra contribution, so you can always see what is in front of and behind you on the road happens.

The Lanmodo camera is available for € 408, and for € 82 extra you also get the rear view camera.


5) Cooluli Mini-fridge Cooler & Heaterauto gadgets

The Cooluli is a portable cooler, heater and mini fridge in one machine. This device is small enough to fit above the armrest in the rear seat.

This machine plugs into a cigarette lighter socket. The mini fridge has enough space for 6 cans that remain cooled continuously.

In addition, this device has an AC and DC connection that can even be connected with a battery. It is also possible to connect the Cooluli with a USB cable.

Very handy to take with you on all your adventures and road trips.

The only drawback is that this device with so little power can of course deliver less performance than a cooler that has a socket connection.

This functional mini fridge is available for € 85.

6) Mobileyeauto gadgets

The sole purpose of the Mobileye is to prevent an accident. When you have installed this device and are about to get into an accident or collision, an alarm will sound.

The sensors will calculate when to brake to avoid an accident. When you drive too fast, an alarm will sound that you can hear clearly and the installed lights inside your car will also start flashing.

In addition, the Mobileye will automatically switch the main light  to low beam when it encounters a car in your car. environment. The Mobileye can also read speed limits from signs and indicate when you are speeding.

If you do not find these extra functions useful, you can simply switch them off with the Mobileye App.
The installation of the entire Mobileye system is not easy. It can take you 4 hours, and maybe longer if you don't often do these kinds of things yourself.

In the time that you look over your shoulders or in the mirrors, an accident can happen in front of you. The Mobileye can prevent these kinds of accidents.

The Mobileye is available for €871. This price does not include installation, which may lead to additional costs.


7) Fix OBD-II Problem Scannerauto gadgets

A Check Engine Light that comes on can indicate serious problems, such as a misfire. This can cause expensive damage and major problems if not resolved.

Fixd is a sensor that connects to the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) port of your car. This car gadget scans your car's computer system for error codes and provides a diagnosis. You can then read this diagnosis via the Fixd App.

With this diagnosis you can then carry out the necessary repairs on your car, or know where you stand before you go to a mechanic.

Pay attention to which car you are using this gadget ordered. The Fixd does not work for diesel cars and electric cars.
Cars produced before 1996 do not have an OBD-II port and can therefore not use the Fixd.

The Fixd is available for € 69.

8) Tile Mate Bluetooth Key Finderauto gadgets

Over the years we lose a lot of stuff. But we all know how terrible it can be to lose your car keys, especially in the morning when you have to drive to work.

This is where the so-called Tile Mate  comes in handy. With the Tile key ring you can find everything within a minute.

This device works on bluetooth.The only thing you need to have at hand is your mobile. Then you can find your keys via the Tile App.
Or set an alarm on the Tile so that you can search for it again.
Should you have something else that you lose more often, such as maybe your wallet. Then you could put the Tile Mate  in here, it just depends on what you prefer.

It can happen that you lose your phone instead of your keys. In that case you can click on a button on the Tile. As a result, your mobile makes a loud noise that is easy to detect.

The Tile Mate is available for € 23.95.

9) Hudway HUD (Heads up Display)auto gadgets

A phone holder is nice, you can read your messages and navigation on your phone that is close to your field of view. But this does not completely solve the problem, because you still do not keep your eyes completely on the road.
A solution has been devised for this. Namely the Hudway Heads-up Display.

This is a glass that reflects the screen of your phone. This allows you to see everything on your mobile, while keeping your eyes on the road.

You place this device a few centimeters in front of your windshield and place your mobile on it. You can then view your dashboard data for example via the Hudway App. But you can also project your navigation in your field of view.

The Hudway App only works with Android and IOS systems.

The Hudway Heads-up display is available for €40.99.

10) YI Mirror Dash Camauto gadgets

One of the useful car gadgets on this list is the YI camera.
This is a camera of which the image is processed in a rear-view mirror.
These cameras film both the front and the back of the car.

By looking at the screen that is incorporated in your rearview mirror allows you to see everything that happens on the road. The forward camera is a 1080p camera and the rear camera is 720p.

Not only can you see what is happening in traffic, but also during an accident, this car gadget can come in handy. If you get into an accident, the dashcam will automatically save all data, which can come in handy later when insuring the damage.

The Yi dashcam will give a notification when you have been on the road for a long time and may lead to fatigue. This will also contribute to a safer driving experience.

The Yi dashcam is available for €129.00.

11) Skycamp Car Tentauto gadgets

The Skycamp is a tent for the top of your car. You can set up this tent on top of your large car in less than a minute.

You can easily spend a night here with 2 adults and 2 children. You can then fold it back up and continue traveling without irritation or much effort.

This tent weighs 75 kg, making it one of the lightest roof tents on the market. In addition, the Skycamp is also known as the roof top tent with the best quality.

And what makes this tent really beautiful in my opinion is the star window. In this tent you spend the night on top of your car under the stars.
A unique and unforgettable experience.

However, this experience comes with a price tag of € 4080.

12) Bluetooth Car Kitauto gadgets

If your hands are not on the wheel while driving, it is not always safe, luckily several solutions have been found. One of these solutions is a Bluetooth car kit. This kit allows you to make hands-free calls, play music and charge USB devices at the same time.

Using this device is easy and you can simply plug it into your cigarette lighter.

In addition to the functions I just mentioned, this Bluetooth kit can also display the car's battery voltage, the volume and the FM frequency

In addition, you can also stream music from your phone. As a result, you are not dependent on what the radio is playing for you. Of course, this device also has a microphone for calling, and the sound should be noise-free.

This Bluetooth kit is available for € 28.95.


13) Palmoo Organizerauto gadgets

If you are someone who likes to keep your things in order, then this product might be for you.
The Palmoo bags have 9 pockets   where you can literally store everything.

Mobiles, ipads, bottles, umbrellas you name it, it can easily find a place in the Palmoo Organizer.

This handy gadget is made of leather and will, in addition to a tidy car, also contribute to a stylish look.

The Palmoo Organizer is easy to mount on the back of the front seats and also protects the back of the seats from all kinds of dirt.

The Palmoo Organizer is available for €16.99.

14) Philips GPC20GPX1 Air purifier

Do you often suffer from bad odors or smelly gym clothes from your children in the car? If so, this air purifier might be for you.

This air purifier is easy to attach to the back of the car seats. As a result, you no longer suffer from the skunks in the back seat, or the fresh cow air from outside.

This air purifier uses a filter system to clean up to 99% of the gases, smoke and odors in the car. This air purifier also has a sensor that shows the current air quality.

This machine uses a 12 volt cable and is therefore easy to connect to your cigarette lighter. Speaking of cigarettes, this machine also removes a large part of the harmful smoke air inside the car.

And that while the device only produces 50 Decibels of sound.

The Philips air purifier is available for € 117.

15) MMOBILE 4 USB Ports Car Adapterauto gadgets

To conclude, I have a gadget to add to almost all the gadgets on this list.

After all these high-tech gadgets, you have a lot of electronics in your car. But how are you going to power all these high-tech gadgets? That's why you need this car charger with 4 ports.

This adapter not only has 4 USB ports, but is also very fast thanks to a power supply of 3.1 A. To give a comparison, most of these USB adapters on the market work at 2 A. 

The MMobiel is specially designed for use in the car, and you can place it in your cigarette lighter.
The MMobiel adapter is available for € 10.89.

What do you think?

Which car gadgets do you think are the best or most useful? Do you already own one? Or are you already thinking about ordering one?

Anyway, let me know by leaving a comment.

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