Top 20 Best Travel Gadgets Of 2021

We all love to travel. To make traveling even more enjoyable and fun, I have listed the best travel gadgets of this year for you.

It contains gadgets that save space, gadgets that make traveling more practical and gadgets that ensure that you can enjoy your trip just that little bit more.

In this article you will discover all the useful travel gadgets that will make your dream trip even better, and that you probably didn't know existed. That also makes these holiday gadgets very fun and original to give as a gift.

1. Press X | Small coffee maker for travel

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We all know it. You are traveling and you long for a fresh cup of coffee. The only thing standing between you and that delicious cup of coffee is a coffee maker. 

With this small travel coffee maker you will never be without coffee for a while.

This device comes with 2 interchangeable adapters. As a result, this coffee machine works on ground coffee and Nespresso capsules (and B brands thereof). The rechargeable battery of this appliance is good for 4 hot cups, or 100 if you have hot water at hand.

The maintenance of this appliance is minimal and will not cause you much mess.
If you If you need to clean it, you can simply run the supplied adapters under the tap and you're done.

This device has a diameter of 6 cm and a height of 22 cm. Very small, and will easily find a place in your luggage.

This small coffee machine for traveling is available for €99, 95.

2. Mini steam iron for travelReis gadgets

After your clothes have had a long journey in your suitcase, chances are they won't come out as tight as you put them in. And that's not always a bad thing, unless you don't have an iron to hand.

Then you have to spend your entire holiday in those crumpled clothes, and nobody wants that.

This is where a mini iron like this comes in handy. This 2000 watt iron weighs only 1.45 kg, so it is not only small but also light (for an iron).

This mini steam iron is available for € 36, 99.

3. scrubba | Portable Washing Machinereis gadgets

Whether you are going on a trip to Asia or Europe, this mini washing machine will always come in handy.
When you travel, it can sometimes be difficult to get your clothes clean. But what if a dirty stain accidentally appears on your favorite travel t-shirt?

That's a real horror story. Fortunately, there is the portable Scrubba washing machine for this. This washing machine can help you with this.

This washing machine should provide the same cleaning quality as a conventional washing machine, but without electricity.

The Scrubba washing machine is 54 cm wide and 32 cm long, and weighs less than 200 grams. The washing machine is easy to use and a wash should take less than 3 minutes. You do need 2-4 liters of water, and a little detergent for this to work.

The Scrubba washing machine is available for € 51.50.

4. Skyroam Solis | Wi-Fi Power Bankreis gadgets

With the Skyroam Solis you don't have to worry about SIM cards for abroad or roaming costs when you use mobile data. This handy travel gadget has one of the best mobile Wi-Fi hotspots on the market.

The Skyroam Solis offers unlimited 4G in over 130 different countries around the world. Each device supports a maximum of 10 different connections.

In addition, this device is also a power bank with which you can also charge your phone while surfing the internet.

Data costs about €5 for 1 GB. For €8 you get unlimited internet access for 24 hours.And for € 80 you get unlimited access to data for a whole month

With the Skyroam Solis you don't have to use a SIM card, which is a great relief for some.

A great deal The advantage of this device is that you pay when you need WIFI, and not when you don't need it.

In addition, this device also has a camera, not the best, but it can come in handy.

The Skyroam Solis is available for € 199.95.

5. Vago | Travel Vacuum PistonReis gadgets

Do you often run out of space in your suitcase? If so, this might be a handy travel gadget for you.

The Vago vacuum can save you up to 50% space in your luggage by sucking all the remaining air out of an airtight bag.

The device itself is only 7 cm long and weighs less than 90 grams.
In addition, this device also has its own pressure sensor and stops by itself.

The Vago starter kit is available for € 31.75. For this you get a vacuum bag, the Vago vacuum itself a USB cable.

6. Grayl Ultralight | Water filterReis gadgets

Traveling is fun, but it can become a lot less fun if you suddenly become ill. It is therefore very important that we try to prevent this.

As you may already know, the water from the tap in certain countries is not as healthy as that in the Netherlands. These countries are mainly located in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and many more places.

The water purification system there is not as good as here in the Netherlands.
The water from these countries can contain many bacteria where can make you sick.

Fortunately, there is a water purification bottle like this that can save your vacation.
This filter can clear your water virus for 99.999% in just 15 seconds.
The bottle has a capacity of 0.5 l and a replaceable filter that lasts 150 l.

This bottle has a diameter of 8.4 cm and a height of 26.5 cm. Not the smallest bottle, but it would hold up well. The bottle also weighs 450 grams.

The Grayl Ultralight is available for € 75.95.

7. Ardorman - Warming SolesReis gadgets

Do you like walking barefoot on a warm beach? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely check out these warming insoles.

They are just as comfortable as normal soles, only they can be heated in 3 different positions. So you never have to spend a winter with cold or wet feet.

The warming soles are waterproof and can heat up to 60 degrees on the highest setting. You don't have to worry about ordering the right size, because you can simply cut them to the size of your shoe.

You control the soles with a wireless remote control.

The warming insoles from Ardorman are available for €35.50.

8. Sand Print SlippersReis gadgets

Let us know you've been somewhere with the FlipSidez. You can fully personalize these slippers to your preferences. You can choose the color, the text on the bottom of the slipper, and the size yourself (although that is usually the case with slippers).

With these slippers you leave a nice text or symbol in the sand. The Personalized FlipSidez are great fun to give to someone as a gift.

The FlipSidez slippers are available from € 20.50.

9. Ostrich PillowReis gadgets

You know that feeling after you've been flying and you fall down from the neck pain? We certainly do. This pillow is meant that you can enjoy a good neck rest after the flight. But not only after a flight, but also in the plane, or during a long road trip, this pillow can do a lot of good.

Apart from the funny design, the pillow is very soft inside, and will not being distracted by light, sound, or other things happening around you.Very useful for someone who loves total peace

The Ostrich Pillow is available for € 79.90.

10. CGear Sand-free MatReis gadgets

Does all that sand get all over your towel on the beach also drives you crazy? We do. The CGear sand-free mat was invented to prevent these annoying irritations.

Due to the special construction of this mat, no dirt, sand or other small particles can get through the mat.

In addition, the mat has special ring points, which can be attached to the ground so that you can attach the mat to the ground.

If you use this mat for a picnic, for example, the grass under the mat will not die because the mat does allow air to pass through.

The CGear sand-free mat is available for €50.

11. Universal Adapter (All in One)Reis gadgets

You've probably experienced it. You travel abroad and all your electronics are empty and you want to charge it. But then you suddenly come across these strange sockets so that you can't charge anything.

Then you have to look for a suitable adapter so that you can charge your electronics anyway. I don't think this is a good start to your dream vacation. That's why this Universal adapter was invented.

With this adapter you can connect your electronics in more than 150 countries around the world. And also with 4 USB ports.

This universal adapter is available for € 22.95.

12. Solar PowerbankReis gadgets

A power bank that not only charges your mobile, but also itself.
All this power bank needs is a nice spot in the sun, and charging your mobile should never be a problem again.

This power bank is perfect for when you are going on a long trip and you don't have much access to electrical outlets.

If the sun does not shine for a while, it is also possible to charge the power bank with USB.

This Solar powerbank is available for € 59.99.

13. Tile Mate

reis gadgets

Over the years we lose a lot of stuff. Only we can all imagine how terrible it can be to lose your suitcase at the airport, for example, a real horror story if I do say so myself.

Here comes the Tile Mate travel gadget come in handy. With the Tile you can find everything within a minute.

This device works on bluetooth. The only thing you need to have with you is your cell phone. You can then find your suitcase, bag, wallet or keys via the Tile App.
You can also set an alarm on the Tile so that you can then search for it again.
It can happen that you lose your phone instead of your stuff. In that case you can press a button on the Tile. As a result, your mobile makes a loud noise that is easy to detect.

The Tile Mate is available for € 23.95.

14. Neck pillow Evolution S3 Reis gadgets

Okay, you probably know them by now, the neck pillows that they sell in every shop at every airport. But trust me, this neck pillow is just that little bit more.

This neck pillow has an innovative seat strap. This can be easily attached to the headrest of the aircraft seat. In addition, this neck pillow also has an adjustable front closure that ensures that this neck pillow stays in place around your neck.

With this neck pillow you can fall asleep without worrying about your head falling forward or to the left. Which can also come in handy during a long road trip.

This neck pillow is available for € 26.99.

15.LockJaww | Phone HolderReis gadgets

You are on an airplane and want to watch a downloaded movie on your mobile, you put your mobile at an angle on your tabletop, sounds good, doesn't it? So no, your mobile falls over and over again and the irritation increases 

The handy Lockjaww phone holder was invented for this purpose. This phone holder has been tested on all aircraft models and there is no model it does not work with.

The Lockjaww even ensures a good grip during unexpected turbulence.
This phone holder is easy to install, you fold open the claw to the size of your phone, click the Lockjaww to the table in front of you, and ready.

The Lockjaww is available for €29.95.

16. Anti Pickpockets BeltReis gadgets

As a tourist you are prey for all pickpockets in many countries. Pickpockets are everywhere. And believe me, you don't want to be the one who suddenly loses all his holiday money or wallet with passport.

To prevent these kinds of cases, you can use handy travel gadgets like this one. A belt with a hidden pocket for all your money.

And don't worry, the belt is unisex, and looks very inconspicuous.

These anti pickpockets belt is available for € 16.75.

17. Flask | MultitoolReis gadgets

This bottle is a flashlight, drinking bottle and compass in one. Now I have to say that this is more convenient for the campers and fishermen among us, but it can come in handy for the survivors.

In addition to the bottle, flashlight and compass, this multi-tool also has 2 drinking cups which are hidden in the bottle.

The bottle has a diameter of 5 cm and is 23 cm high and weighs less than 600 grams. Not the most compact travel gadget on this list, but one of the more convenient.

This survival bottle is certainly an original gift for the adventurers among us.

VSSL Flask is available for €89.99.

18. akaso | Keychain Vlog CameraReis gadgets

With this mini vlog camera you can film the entire journey without having to put in any effort. The vlogging camera is easy to attach to your shirt or bag and it will record everything you experience, so that you can watch it later with your family.

The Akaso mini-vlog camera films in 4k, this is very good for a small camera. And if you already think: then I get those movies where the camera bumps all the way up and down because I'm walking, then I have to agree with you, but then again I don't.

The mini camera has electronic image stabilization, which ensures that you can get some nice images out of it. You will also not get blurry images while moving due to the technology they use in the camera.

In addition, you can quickly edit, filter and review vlogs via the Akaso App.

The Akaso mini vlog camera is available for €84.

19. Orbit key | Desk OrganizerReis gadgets

Keep all your daily necessities easily in the magnetic Orbitkey box.

With the supplied dividers you can easily separate all your belongings and set up your own box, so that everything you need to store always fits .

The Orbitkey box also includes a wireless charger, which ensures that all your stuff stays charged while you're not doing anything with it.

The Orbitkey organizer is 12 cm wide, 24 cm long and 4 cm high, and is easy to carry in the suitcase.

The Obirtkey organizer is available for €109.95

20. Portable Translator | Muama EnenceReis gadgets

Then you are abroad, with no one who understands you because they don't speak English, very annoying I can tell you. A portable translator like this can come in handy in certain countries.

With more than 137 languages ​​at your disposal, you can make yourself understood everywhere.And not only that, it can also translate your conversation partner 

The most common languages ​​can be translated without a WiFi connection, the less common languages ​​unfortunately need a short WiFi connection.

The battery lasts about 5 hours of use, and this translator is so small that it fits easily in your pocket.

The Muama Enence translator is available for €119.

What do you think?

Which travel gadgets do you think are the best or the most useful?

Or are you already thinking about ordering one?

Anyway, let me know by leaving a comment.

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