Making espresso while traveling in 2021

If you can't hit the road without a great cup of espresso, join the club. A good espresso gives you energy and makes every moment of the journey beautiful. But preparing an espresso while you travel isn't easy. But if you are an espresso lover, you have to find a way. And for that I have come up with the best ideas for making a cup of coffee while you are traveling or on the go. So let's get started quickly.

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Espresso kit

Whether you travel by plane, train, or car, it's almost impossible to find your favorite espresso flavor. The best way is to always carry an espresso kit with you and satisfy your caffeine craving whenever you want. Below is the checklist of which some or all of these items should be included in your espresso kit:

  • Freshly roasted coffee beans in a tightly closed plastic container
  • Portable espresso machine with all associated parts such as adapters and grinder
  • Kettle (preferred)
  • Travel cup
  • Weighing scale and storage box

You can also include a number of other things in the espresso kit, depending on your wishes. However, make sure that the kit is compact and easy to carry. It should fit easily in your backpack and opening and repacking should be effortless and immediate. Otherwise it will be frustrating if you struggle to unpack and repack the kit during the trip.

Portable espresso machine

Do you enjoy your espresso full of deliciousness? Or does it become a bitter pill when traveling - it all depends on the portable espresso machine you take with you. If it has fully automatic functions, a grinder and a rechargeable battery.

Taking such an espresso machine with you is the first to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Conversely, if it lacks these features then it is nothing but a burden and you will not enjoy the espresso nor the journey. In any case, make sure that your portable espresso machine is truly portable and not a burden while you travel.


In addition to portability, it is also important that the espresso machine dispenses the coffee within a several minutes ready. After all, making a cup of coffee while traveling is (for most people) no fun at all, we prefer to drink only the coffee without putting a lot of energy into it. A portable espresso machine should therefore have semi-automatic functions, so that you can immediately and effortlessly prepare your strong espresso.

Practice, practice and more practice!

If you travel often or take a long journey, the best practice is to brew an instant espresso with your espresso machine. Once you get used to it, you can quickly prepare an espresso on the journey - not just for yourself, but also for your family, colleagues or friends - whoever travels with you.


You would be an espresso master, and that will earn you a lot of respect in your travel group. Learn to grind beans as quickly as possible, tamp beans, operate the espresso machine efficiently and effectively, and pour the drink into the cup and serve yourself and others.

To become an instant coffee maker, you need to set a time limit for practice. For example, decide that your with  your traveling espresso kit brews three cups of espresso in six minutes. Challenge yourself until you succeed. However, remember that you must have the right equipment, such as an easy-to-use portable espresso machine, grinder, rechargeable battery and other essential accessories.

Once you get to the point you want, keep doing it. And then you will be able to quickly prepare the spicy hot espresso even in the open air, bumpy road, and storming sea.Boom!

Why instant espresso?

When I discuss ways and methods of making instant espresso, there are always readers who argue that "the longer it takes to make espresso, the better it gets" I mean seriously? If we believe in this statement, then we can only enjoy a nice espresso on the weekend.

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Someone like me, who takes almost five to seven espresso shots during the day, will spend half a day preparing the delicious espresso.

Let's talk about the possibilities . It's okay that the espresso, which is ready in five minutes, can be extremely full-bodied. So, once you've mastered the art of preparing delicious espresso, you don't have to go to the office without a hot espresso, even if you're running late. Or compromise on the hot coffee because there's a long line at your local coffee shop, and you don't have time to wait for your turn.

Are there other ways to make an espresso while you are traveling?

Yes, but are they good enough? Not at all. You can use Coffee Bags, French Press, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Vacuum Pot, and Electric Percolator. However, I don't like any of them. Why not? Because some of them are very difficult to make coffee with. And with these brewing methods you have to bring an external heat source. This takes up a lot of space in your travel bags, space we can't afford to miss!

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I have had an overwhelming experience with the portable espresso machines, and no doubt over 97% of people agree with me. and the other 3% will be unsure because they haven't tried the portable espresso machine yet.

Do I recommend a portable espresso machine?

You now know the most important features of a portable espresso machine. Now the next question is where to find such an espresso machine? I've got you covered. Here's my pick.

Presso X: Portable Espresso Machine

With its compact design, you can take it anywhere and place it anywhere. Unlike the super-automated espresso machine, it doesn't take up a lot of space. While traveling, on the road, camping, and even at home; in the bedroom - Presso X will always prepare a delicious Espresso immediately. And guess what? It comes with a rechargeable battery!


Whether you're a fan of capsule coffee or ground coffee, or both, Presso X has you covered with its interchangeable adapters. The Presso X has an 80 ml water tank, so you can adjust your coffee to the size you like, whether it's an espresso or a large coffee.

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  • Prachtig apparaat. Werk perfect en lekkere koffie onderweg. Fantastische oplossing voor een lekker bakkie. Alleen mis ik nog een webshop voor o.a. extra kopje. Verder niets dan lof.

    Henry vd Eijk

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