10 Best Coffee Gadgets and Accessories of 2021

Are you preparing your shopping list or are you going on a trip? Or maybe... Are you getting ready to go camping, hiking, or an action-packed day? Whatever you're up to, think carefully about your caffeine needs.

Wait a minute, how many cool coffee gadgets and accessories are in your bucket? If it's just a few, you're missing out on the real coffee fun. Coffee connoisseurs keep an eye on their list of cool coffee gadgets and pull out all the stops to enjoy their delectable espresso even more.

I've put together a list of the 10 best coffee gadgets and accessories of 2021 that are worth trying to be. These tools will take your coffee experience to the next level and keep you productive around the clock, on the go and at home or in the office. Let's start with the list of the best coffee gadgets of 2021.

Go Cubes: Coffee-flavored chewing cubes

These chewable cubes are a perfect solution for anyone who is always short on time or has a hectic day. Late to the office? Cycling or walking? Can't stop to brew your sizzling espresso? No worries. Just put these Go Cubes in your pocket or bag and they'll take care of the caffeine needs without keeping you from work.

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Grab them and start chewing whenever you crave the delicious taste of coffee. They give you the taste of your favorite flavors, such as Latte, Mocha, or Pure Drip. Made with cold brew coffee and other quality ingredients, these Go Cubes contain 50mg of caffeine, 100mg of L-theanine, plus other nootropic supplements for extra energy on the go.

And what's next? You don't have to take a whole coffee kit with you, which would otherwise take up a lot of space in your luggage. The packaging of these cubes is so small that they easily fit in your pocket. Isn't it a great alternative to coffee? That is why it has been included in the list of the best coffee gadgets and accessories of 2021.

Temperature adjustable mug

This mug is a serious product that you can't pass up. Every coffee fan hates an unwanted coffee temperature, whether it's too cold or too hot. Plus, while you're turning the pages or looking at your laptop screen, it's natural to forget to take a sip of your espresso.

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This advanced temperature cup keeps your espresso at the desired temperature for up to three hours. It's included in the list of the best coffee gadgets, which is well deserved given its sleek, simple design and interesting features.

All of these pluses make it a go-to choice for coffee-obsessed people. Not only can you cool or heat this mug with adjustable temperature, but you can also control it remotely via an App.

And what else? Place this mug from ember on the included charging coaster and it will retain its heat all day long. Need even more reasons? The automatic sleep function detects when the mug is empty and switches itself off, smart LED indicators to let you know that you are setting the temperature directly on the mug and notifications let you know when your drink has cooled to the ideal temperature (no longer your burn tongue). I have mine, buy yours if you always want your espresso at the perfect temperature.

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

If you've run out of coffee ideas and aren't sure which coffee to try now, the Atlas Coffee Club Subscription is for you. Do yourself a favor and choose the shipment specifications. Each shipment contains a bag of coffee from different regions and cultures. It would be best to customize the coffee package, such as dark or light coffee, whole bean or ground, one or two bags of coffee, and shipping date.

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Each shipment contains:

  • The World's Best Single Origin Coffee
  • Freshly roasted and delivered coffee beans
  • Scenic postcards of each country
  • Maps with brewing tips and taste notes

It takes the headache out of choosing between different types of coffee, and choosing the roasted and fresh coffee beans. I like the idea, and it feels like I get a present with every shipment. Make sure to get a subscription if you want to go with the flow. Every time you get to taste something different, something excellent and exciting.

Death Wish Coffee: The strongest coffee to keep you awake

Okay, let's face it. Sometimes we all need to shift our focus to a specific thing, but we can't. Drowsiness, laziness or lack of energy, the reasons can be different. But the result is the same: we can't fully focus on what's really important. At that point, we need a strong cup of coffee that keeps us alert and focused on the work ahead. And that's what Death Wish Coffee does.

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Death Wish coffee is made using the strongest combination of beans and an impeccable roasting process. A normal cup of black coffee contains 100-200 MG of caffeine, which is quite intense, but Death Wish coffee delivers 600 MG of caffeine in a single cup of coffee.

Their carefully selected coffee beans are Fair Trade certified and organically grown, so the whole process of drinking a killer cup of coffee is beyond doubt and benefits both farmers and the planet. Enjoy a smooth, never bitter taste with subtle notes of cherries and chocolate.

Stay alert, wake up, work with clarity, and perform at 100% by drinking Death Wish Coffee. While this is included in the list of cool coffee gadgets of 2021, drink it every now and then. It is highly addictive and can be harmful if consumed in excess.

Presso X: A Portable Coffee Maker 

Presso X is not only the coolest coffee gadget, but it is also one of the smartest gadgets of 2021. This portable coffee maker prepares you delicious, steaming espresso at the campsite, while driving, and even on top of the hill while hiking.

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That's possible thanks to the rechargeable battery and universal charging, so you can charge it anywhere in the world, wherever you may be. The Presso X cup is directly connected to the device itself. So no coffee can fall out of the cup when you are making coffee, even when you drive over a threshold at full speed!

The Presso X uses interchangeable adapters. This allows you to make coffee with both Nespresso capsules (or B brands thereof) and ground coffee. It doesn't stop here. The Presso X uses a heating plate and temperature sensors, so that your coffee is always prepared at the perfect temperature. Plus, it's lightweight, compact, and beautifully designed for travel, hiking, road trip, workplace, boat and plane. I'm sold. How about you?

Freehand Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Traveling with luggage is not easy, and usually we have to carry the luggage with both hands. As a result, it's nearly impossible to hold a coffee cup and enjoy the drink while on the go. This is no longer necessary, because Freehand Luggage Cup Holder is the perfect solution to this problem.

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All you need to do is place the caddy between the poles of your rolling luggage handle and wrap the rubber straps around each handle. The beauty of this simple gadget is that it is leak proof.It will fit coffee cups and mugs from 8-24 oz, but not mugs that are ribbed and very heavy

This coffee gadget lets gravity do the work as it tilts and moves with your hand. suitcase to keep himself upright. It can also be placed on the front or back of the suitcase handle. It can also be folded flat for compact storage. It is undoubtedly one of the coolest coffee accessories that every coffee lover who travels a lot will love.

Stagg EKG Kettle

A kettle is crucial to the coffee brewing process. Buy an electric kettle to boil the water, because nothing beats a good kettle to heat the water.

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Stagg EKG is a pretty good kettle that has all the right controls. For example, there is a simple button to set the temperature, which doubles as an on/off button and as a timer if you long press it.

There is a switch on the back for metric or imperial units and another switch that allows you to set the kettle to hold the temperature for up to an hour. Not only is it beautiful and very well designed, it's also super easy to use.

Although it can't hold as much water as some others, it takes the lead by keeping the water exactly at the temperature you set. The gooseneck version is a top choice for those tricky pour-over cases. With its pouring spout, temperature control, LCD display, 60-minute hold mode, brew stopwatch and small, minimalist base, this kettle has become a favorite of coffee lovers.

A little expensive, but the option to pay in installments makes the purchase easier. The price is $169, but it's totally worth it considering the features and capabilities to help you brew the ridiculously tasty espresso. Its many features and wide popularity make it one of the coolest coffee gadgets of 2021.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Okay, let's admit the fact. There is no alternative to freshly ground coffee beans. Nothing against pre-ground coffee or coffee capsules, but old coffee doesn't taste like anything. And you're more likely to get old coffee if you rely on pre-ground coffee. Plus, it ruins your mood, and you have to skip the coffee dose. What is the solution? Burr coffee grinder.

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The quality and taste don't get better just because you use the grinder, but by grinding correctly, you get the best coffee. Freshly ground (well-grown and roasted) coffee can have some incredible and wild flavors. Blueberries, cinnamon, brown sugar, apples - these are just a glimpse of how some coffees can taste when ground just before brewing.

The Baratza Encore Conical Burr coffee grinder grinds the coffee more evenly than any other machine on the market. Evenly ground coffee beans provide a consistent taste, and the burr grinder brings automation to your brewing process. In addition, this mill is reliable with more than 7,500 positive reviews, an uncomplicated device. There's almost no learning curve, and this coffee grinder takes up little counter space.

It's also super easy to clean and maintain, meaning it'll be an investment you can rely on every morning . A convenient front-mounted pulse button and a simple on/off switch make it easy to grind fresh coffee.

PowerLix Milk Frother Battery Operated Electric Foamer

Are you a big fan of cappuccino or lattes? Then you probably know how important a milk frother is for the coffee.Some espresso machines have a built-in steam wand and a milk container that allows you to steam and froth milk for your drinks. But wait, what if your espresso machine doesn't have a milk frother?

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PowerLix Milk Frother has you covered. With over 45,000 reviews, it is a 4.5 star rated product on Amazon. And to your surprise, it costs just $20 with a lifetime warranty. It comes with a stand for easy storage and can be kept on the counter, and the mixer is battery powered, so you don't have to worry about cords getting in the way.

Heat the milk , immerse the mixer in the cup and turn it on. The milk frother will immediately start to create creamy froth on the milk. Within 15 - 20 seconds you will have a cup filled with creamy foam and you are ready to enjoy.

The motor makes hardly any noise, the on/off button on top facilitates use, and the powerful motor delivers double power compared to other frothers. This machine is beautifully designed in red color and will fit in any modern kitchen. It is lightweight and has an ergonomically designed soft-touch handle. In addition, it can be used to froth up liquids other than warm milk. It has won the trust of thousands of coffee lovers, making it one of the coolest coffee gadgets of 2021.

TIMEMORE Coffee Gram Scale

The taste of coffee changes depending on the ratio of coffee to water you use. So, the digital scale makes sure you're in the right place when trying out new coffee recipes. Not only that, it is also good to measure proportions in the daily brewing process.

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TIMEMORE Coffee Gram Scale is perfect in this regard. The scale's size is ideal, meaning you can use it for both pour-over and espresso. The scale charges via USB-C, which is a great feature.

Built-in timer, USB charging, beautiful design and the perfect size - these features make this scale stand out from the crowd. Don't underestimate the importance of the scale, and be sure to try this cool coffee accessory. The results in your coffee will speak for themselves.


Grind to brew, travel to camping, these cool coffee gadgets and accessories are on the wish list of many coffee aficionados. Every gadget and accessory has been recommended by the coffee connoisseurs and tested by my team and me. So you can order any of the above products with complete confidence and take your coffee passion to new heights!

That's it, the top 10 coolest coffee gadgets and accessories of 2021. Share your questions or thoughts below, and let me know what you think.

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