Guide to buying a small coffee maker

A small coffee maker that also makes good coffee is hard to find, I know it. That is why I have listed the best small coffee makers, each with its own specialties.

You can find a small coffee maker on this list for all types of coffee. You will find coffee makers with a bean grinder, coffee makers that work with the new Vertuo cups, piston machines and much more. You will no doubt come across a suitable coffee maker on this list.

With each small coffee maker, I'll tell you everything you need to know so that you know everything about maybe your future coffee maker. I will also indicate the dimensions for each device so that you know exactly which coffee makers do and do not fit in your kitchen.

1. Nespresso Essenza Mini – Small coffee maker cups

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The Essenza Mini is known as Nespresso's smallest coffee machine. However, this does not make it less strong than the other coffee makers from Nespresso.

The Essenza Mini works with Nespresso capsules and B brands thereof.

Making coffee with the Essenza Mini is easy to use, as well as the maintenance of the device. The only thing you will have to pay attention to is emptying and cleaning the drip tray, since it is very small, just like the device itself. To prevent dirt, you will have to do this every 6 cups on average.

The water reservoir has a capacity of 0.6 L, which is good for about 4 cups of coffee. This will therefore have to be refilled soon.

This machine also has an automatic shut-off function, the device will turn itself off 9 minutes after use. For most devices on this list, that's after 30 minutes or more.

The most striking thing about the Essenza Mini is its design. With a length of 33 cm and a width of 9 cm and a height of 20 cm, Nespresso can call this one of the smallest coffee makers on the market.

This device may be small, but it still manages to produce a
pump pressure of 19 bar.
With this coffee machine you can choose from 2 coffee sizes, namely the espresso (of course) and the Lungo.

By using a thermoblock you can quickly make several cups of coffee in succession. Because the system stays warm, you won't have to wait endlessly for that one cup of coffee in the morning. It is even possible to make a hot cup of coffee within 25 seconds.

The Essenza Mini is perfect for very small households with limited space. Think especially of students and households with less than 2 people.
It is also useful for anyone who has little time in the morning but still wants to drink a cup of white coffee.

The Essenza Mini is available for € 89.

2. Presso X – Small coffee maker for travel

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A small coffee maker should be both small and easy to use. This small device does these tasks well. What makes the Presso X special is that this device works on a rechargeable battery. This means you can not only make coffee in the kitchen, but also, for example, in the car, or when you go on holiday.

The Presso X works with ground coffee as well as with Nespresso capsules (and B brands thereof). ). This is possible because this device comes with interchangeable adapters. These are easy to mount on the device.

Maintenance of the Presso X is a breeze, just rinse the adapters under the tap and you're done. You will have to throw away the capsule after each cup has been brewed.

This small coffee maker has a length of 23 cm and a diameter of no less than 6 cm! And that makes the Presso X the smallest coffee machine on this list.

And then I can already hear you wondering "if this device is so small, then it is probably not that strong" Nothing could be further from the truth, the Presso X can produce a pump pressure of up to 18 bar.

With this small coffee maker you can make 4 to 5 hot cups on a full battery. And when it is used with hot water, you can brew up to 100 cups on a full battery.

Many people like to visit a gas station for a cup of coffee in their car. The Presso X can save you a lot of money here. At a gas station you quickly pay 1-2 euros per cup of coffee, you can save up to 70% of these costs with the Presso X. When you calculate this over the time period of a year, it does add up.

The Presso X is available for € 99.95 and then you can not only make coffee at home, but also beyond.

3. Tefal Dialog CM340811

klein koffiezetapparaat

Compact and simple, that's what the Tefal Dialog CM340811 is all about.

The Tefal Dialog is equipped with a 0.6 liter water tank with which you can make up to 6 cups of coffee. Very handy for a larger family, or for the big coffee drinker of course.
The Tefal Dialog CM340811 is a small filter coffee maker and only works with ground coffee.

Via the water level indicator you can easily check whether there is still enough water in it. sit for a cup of coffee.
The Tefal Dialog is a 600-watt coffee machine. This is not much compared to other coffee makers. Since a campsite does not release much electricity, this device could serve well as a camping coffee maker.

This device has a drip stop function, this ensures that you can stop brewing coffee whenever you want. Handy for making very large cups of coffee and very small cups. But the most important thing is that you can make exactly the amount that meets your need.

The Tefal Dialog is 13 cm wide, 18 cm long and 26 cm high.

A small filter coffee maker that is great for a family or family looking for a coffee maker for camping. I must say that this device is intended for coffee lovers who are not very critical of the taste of the coffee. The Tefal Dialog offers a number of nice functions for an attractive price.

The Tefal Dialog is available for € 31.95.

4. Philips Senseo Switch HD6592/60

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If you are looking for a coffee machine with a luxurious appearance, many functions and a fair price, then this device may be for you.
Not only does this device have a beautiful innovative design, it is also small and easily finds a place in the kitchen.

The Philips Senseo Switch is 15 cm wide, 40 cm long and 27 cm high.
This is one of the larger appliances on this list, especially in length However, if it can find a place in your kitchen, it's definitely something to look at.

One of the handy features this device has is the ability to adjust the intensity of your coffee. If you like a strong cup of coffee, this is easy to make by pressing the intensity button, and of course this also applies to a milder cup of coffee.

If you want a cup of coffee with your whole family at the same time then that is possible. With this small coffee maker you are able to make up to 7 cups of coffee at the same time. You can do this by using the supplied thermal jug, and then pressing the coffee jug button   (on the machine).

Since this thermal jug can retain heat, it is also possible to drink the coffee at a later time. If you only use 2 cups, it is also possible to make 2 cups of coffee at the same time.

This device uses Crema plus technologies.This gives your coffee that delicious cream layer that everyone can enjoy.

The Philips Senseo Switch also uses DualBrew technologies. This ensures that you can use both Senseo pads and filter coffee to make coffee. In addition, this technology ensures that both the Senseo pads and the ground coffee are made with their own pump pressure and water quantity.

This device has an automatic shutdown function. This keeps you safe and you also save a little money on electricity costs every month.

The water reservoir of this device is good for 1 liter, which is good for 7 large cups of coffee.

This The small coffee maker will automatically indicate when it needs to be descaled, so you will no longer be faced with unpleasant surprises. Philips itself states to do this at least every 3 months.

This is a device with many functions for a reasonable price. I can recommend this device for larger families and if you still have quite a bit of space in the kitchen.

The Senseo Switch is available for € 89.95.

5. Nespresso Magimix Vertuo Plus

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Are you already familiar with the new Vertuo capsules from Nespresso? If the answer is no, then here is a brief introduction. Nespresso has released new capsules. These are a lot bigger than the well-known Nespresso capsules. As a result, they no longer fit in the current Nespresso machines, and you will have to purchase a special Vertuo machine to use the Vertuo capsules.

Don't worry if you like the Vertuo capsules. If you want to try but don't have room in the kitchen for a large coffee machine, I've got a small Vertuo coffee machine for you here.

The Magimix Vertuo Plus features a 1.2-litre rotatable water tank. The fact that the water reservoir is rotatable ensures that you can place it in the way that is most practical for you. For example, do you have little space over the length of your countertop? Then you simply slide the water reservoir to the side, and your space problem is solved in no time.

The Magimix Vertuo Plus knows exactly which setting to use for each separate type of coffee.
For example, do you want an espresso then this machine knows exactly the right amount of water, temperature and rotation speed for brewing the best espresso.

You can choose from 5 different coffee sizes. So you can enjoy a mild alto or a strong espresso. The device is easy to keep clean. The Magimix Vertuo Plus has its own cleaning and descaling programs.

A disadvantage is that the Vertuo capsules are quite expensive, it is also not possible to buy B brands of these. The cups range from €0.45 for an espresso capsule to €0.70 for an alto capsule. This alto capsule is good for 414 ml of coffee.

The Magimix Vertuo Plus is 14 cm wide, 42 cm long (this length can be shortened by sliding the water reservoir to the side) and 32 cm high. With these dimensions, you can still enjoy the new Vertuo capsules even with little space in the kitchen.

The Magimix Vertuo Plus is great for small households that would like to try out the new Vertuo capsules. I cannot recommend this device for larger households or if you have frequent visitors. Because this device works with standard coffee sizes and you cannot determine the amount yourself, this will take a lot of time.

The Magimix Vertuo Plus is available for € 98.99.

6. TEFAL Smart'n Light CM6008

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With the Tefal Smart'n Light you wake up with the smell of coffee.The Tefal Smart'n Light comes with a unique function, with this device you can schedule 24 hours in advance what time a cup of coffee should be made.

The device has a unique and modern design and features an innovative display. You can set the time on this and that's not all. You can also set the amount of aroma on this display.

The Tefal Smart'n Light has a water reservoir with a volume of 1.25 liters.
With this capacity, you can brew up to 15 cups of coffee in one go. And if you can't drink all these cups in one go with your friends and family, this device will keep the coffee warm for another 30 minutes.

The Tefal Smart'n Light is a filter coffee maker and therefore only works with ground coffee.

This machine also has an automatic switch-off function and drip stop.
The mix of the planning function, the possibility to set the amount of aroma and the drip stop provides all the control you need while brewing coffee.

This device is very suitable for anyone who like these extra functions and like to wake up to the smell of coffee. In addition, this device is good for large households and households with many visitors. It is also less practical with this device if you want to drink coffee with fewer people.

The Tefal Smart'n Light is available for € 52.95.


klein koffiezetapparaat

The Philips Senseo Up is a good alternative to the previously mentioned Philips Senseo Switch. The Philips Switch was useful for larger households, on the contrary to the Philips Up, which is very useful for smaller households.
If you are not yet completely convinced by the Switch, it is certainly worth exploring this device. to read.

This appliance has an innovative design that should be able to find a place in any modern kitchen. If you are not entirely sure whether this device fits your interior? Then it is possible to see in an App how this device will fit in real life.

The Senseo Up has 2 coffee sizes, namely an espresso and a lungo. The device does not have an on or off button, you will make a cup of coffee when you press one of the coffee buttons. This also means that if the device does not make coffee, it switches itself off automatically.

This small coffee maker has a descaling indicator, which ensures that you can significantly improve the life of the device.

The Senseo Up only works with Senseo Pads and the water tank is good for about 0.7 L.

The device is 11 cm wide, 35 cm long and about 23 cm high. This is one of the larger devices on this list, especially in length. So it could be that it will protrude a lot on your counter. If you're not sure about this, I can definitely recommend that you check it out on the App first.

The Senseo Up fits well with small households. This device is useful for small households, students and families who only make a cup of coffee a few times a week.

The Senseo Up is available for €89.99.

8. Siemens TC3A0303 – For large households

klein koffiezetapparaat

Do you have a large family but little space in the kitchen? If so, be sure to take a look at the Siemens TC3A0303. This device has a beautiful glass jug of 1.25 liters with which you can make 10 to 15 cups of coffee at a time!

The device has a swing out filter. This may sound superfluous to mention, but believe me, this is a must with filter coffee makers.

This device also has an automatic switch-off function. In addition, this small coffee maker also has a drip stop that I told you about earlier.And also about a leak-stop when removing the jug
And that leak-stop ensures that you have to empty the drip tray less quickly.

This device is 17 cm wide, 24.5 cm long and 33.5 cm high. Since the height is often not the problem in a kitchen, this device still falls under the category of small coffee machines.
Do you take this device with you to the campsite, for example? Then the cord is easy to store in the extra storage space.
The Siemens TCV3A0303 is useful for larger families with limited space or a smaller family that often has visitors. Unfortunately, in the latter case, the device is not practical for when the visitors are away. The Siemens TC3A0303 is also recommended to be used as a motorhome or caravan coffee maker.

In addition, it is less practical to use a glass jug instead of a thermos. The coffee will now stay hot for a shorter time after it has been brewed. This removes a nice advantage.

The Siemens TCV3A0303 is available for € 57.99.

9. De'Longhi Dedica Style EC 685.BK – Small Piston Machine

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Are you looking for the feeling of a real barista and do you have a slightly larger budget? If so, then this device might be for you.

The appearance of this device is very striking. This piston machine has an elegant and modern design. In most cases it will be a good addition to your interior and it can also serve as a showpiece.

In addition to this beautiful design, the De'Longhi Dedica Style  also has a number of nice functions to offer, so read on.

This machine has been designed, among other things, to get the feeling of a barista. And that's not all. The durability of this device has also been carefully thought through.
This is quickly reflected in the appearance of the machine. Everything is made of metal, even the filter.

De De'Longhi Dedica Style has thermoblock technology. This ensures that you can quickly make hot cups of coffee in succession, and that you do not have to wait time and again. This can be very useful when visitors are visiting.

This appliance has a water tank with a capacity of 1 L. And the drip tray has a handy indicator that indicates when it needs to be emptied.

The De'Longhi Dedica Style works with ground coffee as well as with the classic ESE pods.

A nice extra is the steam nozzle on the side of this piston machine. This ensures that you can also try out different milk specialties. Without the need for an external milk frother.

The De'Longhi Dedica Style also features an automatic shut-off function and a descaling system.

This piston machine is 15 cm wide, 31 cm long and 33 cm high. This is one of the larger coffee makers on this list, but it is a very small machine for a piston machine.

The De'Longhi Dedica Style is a nice piston machine for coffee lovers who want to know what it's like to make coffee like a barista. Or for coffee lovers who are curious about new brewing methods. This appliance is suitable for smaller households. The device is of good quality and has a long life.

A disadvantage of this device is the more expensive price tag.
De De'Longhi Dedica Style EC 685.M is available for €250.

10. De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Pro EN750 – luxury small coffee machine klein koffiezetapparaat

Do you have a big budget, and are you looking for a small luxury coffee maker with endless functions and possibilities? If so, then this device might be something for you.

An espresso, lungo or ristretto, you can make it all at the touch of a button.
This device has a spacious water reservoir of 1.3 L with which you can easily make 10 cups in a row. The device also has a thermoblock, which makes it possible to quickly make several hot cups in succession. This makes the device suitable not only for small households with a lot of visitors, but also larger households.

Naturally, this device also has an automatic switch-off function. The device will turn itself off after 9 minutes of non-use.

This coffee machine is easy to operate via the display. It may be bigger than some of the other Nespresso machines, but this machine makes up for it with the endless possibilities.

The shelf life of this small machine has been well thought out. The device will last a long time due to a steel design, automatic cleaning systems and a little attention.

The maintenance of the Lattissima Pro EN750 is minimal. You will need to empty the drip tray after about 15 cups. This already saves you 3 times as much work compared to the previously mentioned Nespresso Essenza Mini.

Enjoy different milk specialties. This device has a steam pipe, of which you can set the milk quantity via the rotary knob.
The milk system will not get dirty quickly either, because you can quickly clean it with the automatic-clean button on this device.
This machine only works with Nespresso capsules and B brands thereof.

With this device you can quickly enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. This device heats up the water within 25 seconds. This is very useful for anyone who has to go to work early, but still wants to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

This appliance is 19 cm wide, 33 cm long and 27 cm high. These are small dimensions for a device with so many functions and such a large water reservoir.

The Lattissima Pro EN750 is suitable for both small and larger households. This device is suitable for anyone who is looking for a device with many possibilities and diversity. In addition, it is a dream device for anyone who wants to try out different milk specialties.

The disadvantage of all these luxury and options is the price. For the Lattissima Pro EN750 you have already lost € 349.99.

11. AEG KF3300

klein koffiezetapparaat

Are you not only looking for a small coffee maker but also for a small price? Then the AEG KF3300 might be something for you.
This device offers great options and functions for the price. For example, this device has been selected several times in the past for the best buy by the consumer association.

The AEG KF3300 makes excellent coffee, not the best, but the coffee that you can enjoy just like the price. The water reservoir has a capacity of 1.4 L.
This device allows you to make up to 12 cups of coffee in one go. This can be useful for visitors, but it is less practical when they are not there.

Avoid stress with the automatic shutdown function. The device will turn itself off after 40 minutes of non-use. This way you can save energy and you don't have to worry if you have forgotten to turn off the device.

The AEG KF3300 has an anti-drip valve. When you remove the coffee pot from under the machine, no coffee will fall on the heating plate. This prevents the terrible smell of burnt coffee.

The device has a heating plate that keeps your coffee warm for up to 40 minutes.
The AEG KF3300 is a filter coffee maker and only works with ground coffee.

This device also has a drip stop, a dishwasher-safe glass jug, a water level indicator and extra storage space.

The AEG KF3300  is 19 centimeters wide, 28.5 centimeters long and 31.5 cm.These dimensions make the AEG KF3300 a really small coffee maker, and to think that you can make 12 cups with it

This device does have a number of drawbacks. For example, the coffee does not heat up quickly. I will not recommend this device to anyone who lacks patience.

The AEG KF3300 is available for €36.60.

12. Melitta Aromafresh – Small coffee machine with bean grinder 

klein koffiezetapparaat

If you can't get enough of freshly ground coffee from coffee beans, but can't find a small coffee maker with a built-in grinder, I'd like to introduce the Melitta Aromafresh.

You can adjust the bean grinder to your personal taste. You can choose from different grinding degrees so that you can choose both a fine grind and a grind that is coarse. You can adjust not only the grinding degree but also the coffee strength. You can choose from a mild, medium or strong intensity.

You can adjust all these settings on the handy LED display. It also has more functions. For example, you can also use the timer function, so that your coffee is made when you want it. This way you can wake up to the wonderful smell of coffee.

You can also read on this display when you have to perform the descaling program.

Unlike the other coffee machines on this list, this appliance uses fresh beans. This also ensures a positive difference in the taste of the coffee.

With the Melitta Aromafresh you can make up to 10 fully personalized cups of coffee. This coffee will then remain warm for a while because of the glass jug that comes with it.

To avoid stress and high electricity bills, the Melitta Aromafresh also has an automatic switch-off function.

The Aromafresh is 23 cm wide, 26 cm long and 44 cm high. This is a fairly tall device. Since the height of the device is usually not a problem in the kitchen, this falls under the category of small coffee machines for us.

A disadvantage of the Melitta Aromafresh is that the water reservoir is not removable. This means that you have to get the water to the device in some way. And you can quickly drop water, and it still takes extra effort.

A device that takes more effort, but then you also have something. The Melitta Aromafresh is useful for larger households, which consist of real bean lovers. And enthusiasts who are also willing to put energy into getting delicious coffee.

This small coffee maker with built-in grinder will cost you €145.99.

13. Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS

klein koffiezetapparaat

Don't worry Dolce Gusto enthusiasts, I haven't forgotten you.
The Piccolo XS is the smallest Dolce Gusto device on the market today.

The Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS is easy to use and maintain. You simply put a capsule in the machine, pull the lever, and you can enjoy one of the many coffee specialties. Because Dolce Gusto also has milk capsules, it has never been easier to enjoy a latte macchiato or cappuccino.

For lovers of colder coffee drinks, it is possible to prepare cold drinks with this machine.

This device has an automatic switch-off function that will switch itself off after 1 minute of inactivity. has been used.

This machine does not use a standard coffee size knob. You can stop making coffee yourself whenever you want, or when the water reservoir is empty, of course. This requires that you always have to stay close to the machine when you make a cup of coffee.

Because the machine uses capsules, maintenance is minimal, and the machine does not need to be descaled.

The Piccolo XS is 14 cm wide, 27 cm long and 28 cm high.

This device is suitable for smaller households. If you have a large thermos, you could keep it under the device (since there is enough space for it). In that case, it could also be suitable for larger households.

The manual flow of coffee therefore has advantages, but it also has disadvantages. It can be quite annoying to constantly keep your mind on your coffee machine when you could have been doing something else during that time. This is not practical, especially in the morning.

Furthermore, it is a nice and handy device. Definitely recommended for Dolce Gusto enthusiasts looking for a small coffee maker.

The Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS is available for € 62.99.

14. Smeg ECF01BLEU – 2 Head Small Piston Machine

klein koffiezetapparaat

If you were already interested in the previously mentioned De'Longhi Dedica Style but you live in a large household, then you should definitely read on. This device offers more control, possibilities and is better suited for a large household in contrast to the De'Longhi Dedica Style.

This machine uses both ground beans and coffee pods. The coffee pods can be especially useful if you are in a hurry and need to have the coffee ready quickly. And if you have the time, you can make a fully personalized cup of coffee with the coffee beans of your preference.

The SMEG ECF01BLEU has a warming plate so that there is no rush behind your cup of coffee and you can still use it later. enjoy your delicious espresso.

This small piston machine also has a steam nozzle so you can try out all kinds of milk specialties.

The piston machine has an indication for when it needs to be descaled, so you won't be faced with unexpected surprises . The 1 L water tank is removable, making the entire device easy to clean.

The Smeg ECF01BLEU is a good alternative to the De'Longhi Dedica Style. However, in contrast to the De'Longhi Dedica Style, this device is better suited for larger households. This is a 2-cup coffee maker, so you can share the coffee from a piston machine with your whole family. In addition, the De'Longhi Dedica Style does not offer the possibility to set the temperature of your coffee.

The Smeg ECF01BLEU is 15 cm wide, 33 cm long and 30 cm high. And will easily find a place in your kitchen with these dimensions. This device is available in 6 different metal colors so that this device will undoubtedly match the rest of your interior.

This small piston machine is nice for larger households who want the feeling of a barista.
Furthermore, this small coffee maker offers many personal adjustments that give you complete control over your cup of coffee.

The Smeg ECF01BLEU is available for €349.

Which small coffee maker is right for you?

You have read a lot in these articles about all kinds of different small coffee makers. Some worked with the new Vertuo capsules, others you could even take with you on a trip. There is a small coffee maker suitable for every need.

You'll need to ask yourself some simple questions to find out which small coffee maker is right for you. The questions are as follows:

Do you live in a large household? If so, you can ask yourself: what type of coffee am I looking for?
If the answer is Nespresso, then the Nespresso Essenza Mini is suitable. Are you looking for a small coffee maker that works with Dolce Gusto? Then the Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS is suitable for you. And so you can ask yourself further, and you will automatically arrive at the perfect device.

If you live in a small household, you can first ask yourself, do I often have visitors who like to drink coffee? If the answer is yes, then you can continue with the machines for the large household. Or if you don't have any problems with the long waiting times, you can continue with the small coffee makers for the small household.

From this can you ask yourself again, what kind of coffee am i looking for? If you might be interested in brewing coffee with freshly ground beans, then you should take a look at the Melitta Aromafresh.

And lastly, there are the small coffee makers on this list with the unique features.
You can ask yourself if you need that. For example, do you often travel or are you often in the car with the need for coffee? Then the Presso X is perfect for you.

Maybe you really want to wake up to the wonderful smell of coffee. Then you could look at a small coffee maker with a timer function. The two small coffee makers on this list with a timer function are the TEFAL Smart'n Light CM6008 and the Melitta Aromafresh.

And perhaps the most important question, how big is your budget? In this list I have put many small coffee machines with different price ranges, so that everyone can find a suitable coffee machine.

And so you can go on with the questions.

What do you think?

After you've read about all these small coffee makers, you probably already have a preference for a certain device. Now I'd love to hear from you, which small coffee maker do you prefer? Or are you already thinking about getting one?

Anyway, let me know by leaving a comment.

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