Best types of coffee to brew while traveling

If you are planning to camp or travel around, it is of course very nice to enjoy a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee on the road or by the evening campfire.
Because of course you have a lot less resources at your disposal, and you don't have a lot of space in your backpack or camper, it's a good idea to buy a camping coffee maker.

A camping coffee maker is a device that you can easily take with you and with which you can prepare a perfect cup of coffee on the go – just like at home.
Portable coffee makers are compact, easy to use and easy to clean.

Robusta Coffee

Coffee Robusta is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world and one of the best coffees to drink in between.
Coffee Robusta is a coffee made from the beans of the Coffea canephora plant. This plant is native to West and Central Saharan Africa and accounts for 40% of the world's coffee production. Now the plant is also grown on a large scale in other countries.
vers gebrande koffiebonen

The first popular coffee is Arabica made from the Coffea arabica factory (accounting for the remaining 60% of the world's coffee production).
Coffee Robusta is mainly grown in the Eastern Hemisphere, mainly in Africa and Indonesia. The largest producer is Vietnam.
Coffea robusta is a synonym of Coffea canephora, which has two variants, namely C. c. robusta and C. c. nganda. These are commonly known as robusta coffee.
Robusta is often used in espresso blends and instant coffee. So, if you like a nice tight espresso, it's best to choose a Robusta.
Coffee Robusta tastes earthy and is said to have a grainy, bitter taste with peanut undertones. Robusta beans contain less sugar and more caffeine than Arabica beans and therefore taste stronger.
So if you like a harder, stronger, earthy taste, you can experiment with Robusta in your travel coffee maker.

Robusta Coffee Plant

The coffee Robusta plant is a strong plant that can withstand high temperatures of 30 ° C, making it easy to grow in Africa and Asia. It needs a lot of water to grow, which makes the plant do very well in regions that have monsoons.
The Robusta plant grows at low elevations from sea level to 600 and is very resistant to disease and insects - another reason why this is one of the easiest coffee plants to grow. In the wild it grows to about 10 meters in height and about 5 meters when the plant is grown for commercial use.
The fruit of the robusta plant takes 6-8 months to ripen to a deep red color. There are generally 2 coffee beans in each ripe berry or cherry.

Where can you buy coffee robusta?

As mentioned before, Robusta is a type of coffee that is very popular and therefore easy to obtain. You can buy this type of coffee in the supermarket – and your favorite brand has a Robusta variant anyway. If you would like to experiment, you can always mix brands and types of Robusta to create your own taste.


Coffea Arabica - also known as Arabic coffee or mountain coffee, is a coffee shrub that originally grows on the Arabian Peninsula.
Arabica coffee is a coffee made from the beans/seeds of the Coffea arabica plant. The coffee from this plant represents about 60% of the worldwide production.
vers gebrande koffiebonen

Coffee Arabica was first cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen and documented in the 12th century. In Arabic, the plant is called Buna.
Originally, the plant grew wild in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. In the 7th century, the seeds of Ethiopia were brought to the Arabian Peninsula.
In Ethiopia, the beans were mixed and crushed with fat to be consumed as a stimulant by the Oromo tribe. But when they arrived in Arabia, "coffee" was born.
Arabica coffee has a slightly sweet taste, with hints of chocolate, caramel and nuts. You may also notice some hints for berries and fruits. By brewing Arabica as cold coffee, you can bring out that berry flavor even more.
Most beans you will find in the supermarket will be Arabica beans, although Robusta are also very popular at the moment.

Arabica coffee plant

The seeds of Arabica plants are found in the berries grown on a shrubby coffee plant. The berries are picked when they are deep red or dark purple and usually 2 seeds or kernels can be found in each berry.
The fruits of the arabica plant do not ripen at the same time, which means that all berries must be picked by hand.
Arabica coffee plants can be found in countries such as Brazil (the largest producer), Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda and India.

Robusta Vs. Arabica

When roasting, all coffee beans look the same. But of course there are big differences in taste when it comes to Robusta and Arabica. In addition, the two also differ in price. Now that we know a little more about Robusta and Arabica, we can start comparing the two types of coffee.
vers gebrande koffiebonen
  1. Caffeine
Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica. Robusta contains 2.7% caffeine and Arabica contains 1.5% caffeine content. Arabica may be a better choice for those concerned about the side effects of caffeine.
  1. Sugar level
Robusta has a lower sugar content than Arabica. Robusta is a great choice for those who prefer sweet flavors over bitter flavors.
  1. Lipids
Robusta has less lipids than the Arabica plant. Coffee Arabica contains about 60% more lipids, such as fats, oils, vitamins, etc.
  1. Popularity
Arabica coffee is more popular than Robusta coffee. Arabica represents 60% of coffee production worldwide, while Robusta contributes only 40% of total coffee production.
When you walk into a trendy coffee bar and order a cup of coffee, you will most likely be served a coffee made from Arabica beans.
  1. Price
The Arabica bean is more expensive than the Robusta bean. Because the Arabica grows at high altitudes and in the mountains, this bean is more difficult to grow and pick. This makes the Arabica bean a lot more expensive than the Robusta.


With the Presso X  you can make many different types of coffee when you are on the way to work or when you are in the great outdoors. For many people, the Presso X is a savior. For many, coffee is part of their morning ritual and a way to start the day on a positive and, above all, tasty note. With the Presso X  you can always brew your favorite coffee and you don't have to spend hundreds of euros anymore on boring coffee in the cafeteria at work.

I hope I have something for you can contribute.
Now I wonder, which beans do you use for your coffee?
Is it Arabica or Robusta, or maybe you use a completely different type of beans.

Anyway late let me know by posting a comment below.

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