Introducing the Presso X “Battery-powered coffee maker”

We are proud to introduce the Presso X, the successor to our 'PortoPresso'.
The Presso X is a battery-operated coffee machine. Now many questions will quickly come to mind such as:

But what can this device do? And how many cups can I make with this? And probably many more questions, but don't worry, you'll find all the answers here.

koffiezetapparaat op batterijen

What makes that Presso X so special?

The Presso X is the only coffee maker to have a battery, and which can also maintain a small size. For example, there are already coffee makers in the form of a suitcase, which are often used by builders during construction. But let's be honest, who wants to carry around such a big suitcase all the time? We certainly don't. And that's why we invented the first compact battery-operated coffee maker!
koffiezetapparaat op batterijen
A coffee maker that you can really take with you to any location. Whether you're on the highest mountain, going camping or simply going on a road trip, no location is crazy enough for the Presso X!

Speaking of road trips, it is now also possible to make a cup of coffee in the car while on your way to work. However, here it can sometimes happen that a coffee stain appears on your beautiful upholstery! And we all know, nothing is worse than dirty stains on your car upholstery. Because you are not connected to a cable with the Presso X, it is easy to make a cup of coffee next to the car.
koffiezetapparaat op batterijen
Not only is this very convenient, but it can also save you a lot of money.
Just think about all the times you stopped at a gas station for a mediocre and way too expensive cup of coffee. You can save up to 70% of these costs per cup of coffee, and then pass it on on an annual basis, that does add up.

To measure is to know!

As most coffee lovers among us know, it is very important to apply the perfect water to coffee ratio. The Presso X has a ruler on the side of the clear water tank. And that so you can enjoy the perfect cup of espresso wherever you want, whenever you want.

Not convinced?

Not convinced yet that the Presso X is the best coffee gadget of the year? Then read this!

There are lovers of ground coffee, but there are also plenty of lovers of coffee capsules. Can't we just have both in one device? Of course that's possible! The Presso X comes with an interchangeable adapter so that you can make a cup of coffee with both ground coffee and coffee capsules.

Specskoffiezetapparaat op batterijen

And we also hear from the retailers among us, hereby a summary of the most important specifications for them. The Presso X weighs about 800 grams and is therefore extremely light for a coffee machine. The dimensions are approximately 22 cm x 6 cm, so it fits easily in that small backpack!

With the Presso X you can make up to 4-5 cups of coffee on a full battery (depending on the the age of the appliance, and the temperature of the water). Charging is done via a USB cable.

The warm-up time is about 4 minutes, and to make this as short as possible I have a tip for this. If you turn on the Presso X about 3 minutes before you actually start drinking coffee, and voilà, a cup of coffee without having to wait long!

Not convinced yet? Check out this video!

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